It’s Twosday!


Wow, it is finally here. The date with all of the twos. It is kind of cool, but really it is just another beautiful day here in Yuma, AZ, USA. Sunshine and beautiful weather. No clouds around. Nice and comfortable. Universe Time does not really care what the date is. Everyday is just another beautiful day in Universe Time. When our Universe is in control of the spirit worlds, only the right things happen. Our Universe is working 24/7 to remove the spirit worlds around humans everywhere on our planet.

I have written about the Power of the Twos. What I am referring to is not the number two but the human couples, man and woman who are both Universe connected. One Universe man and one Universe woman make a very powerful pair and become Universe Mates. That is what I talk about regarding the Power of the Twos. No one else is discussing this powerful phenomenon but me. No one else can explain it as easily as I can too.

Universe couples are real now. We are experiencing this right now. It is not just some dream in the far off future. It is real and happening now. A Universe couple has gone through Universe Family Healing all of the way and reunite at the right time. A Universe couple were together at some point in time and had intense feelings for each other. However, because of the spirit worlds surrounding the two of them, things automatically became toxic and did not allow the right things to happen. Universe Family Healing actively removes the spirit worlds and releases the toxic spiritual energy from their bodies.

Universe Family Healing also releases the spiritual energy from the couples’ birth family members. This all happens at the same time so couples and families heal together. We are all distanced apart for a while as the spirit words are purged to allow for this removal safely. This is automatically occurring with Universe Family Healing. We always are distanced from our loved ones for awhile. I know because I am explaining what happened with me and my family.

I can explain this very easily and simply because I have lived through it all. My healing is safe and effective. Only the right thing happens at the right time because it is Universe time not spiritual time. Spiritual time was in control for so very long. All of the humans on planet Earth were wrapped up in a spiritual web and connected to other humans in this way. Humans have not really had an existence without a spiritual world around them until now. As a result of this change, enormous problems of our planet are simply being purged away.

There is an enormous amount of spiritual energy to be purged away but it is happening, one family at a time. We will all have the life we desire, easily and safely. One Universe Family Healing session connects you and your family to our Universe. It is indeed the most important thing we can do for our families and the health of our planet.

Twosday is a day that reminds us that we are all humans and need to be living the right way on our planet. We all need to do our part to heal our planet of the spirituality that invaded many years ago. My healing is the most powerful way to get rid quickly of a family’s spirit infestation. Contact me to get this done.