I Am A True Creator

I am an original. I write and my words come true. I heal and create a living planet. My hands are my vehicle to create change. I love who I am and what I do. I heal Earth. Our Universe. I heal my family. I am real.

I am entering a new phase of existence now. So much is going on with my real family. All that I have written about is real. I am healing my disrupted birth family. I am healing my sister and 2 brothers. Nothing is hindering this process. I wrote about this so many years ago. I am living this now. I am real and powerful. I hope to meet my real mother and father soon.

I was always creating as a young girl. I would create clothes and garments. I loved to create beautiful craft items. I am still that way. I am creatively remaking my Healer Wraps, a beautiful crocheted shawl collection uniquely my own. This has been so much fun. I have a small supply of beautiful yarns now. The yarns are vintage yarns and hard to find but I do find them. I am almost done purchasing yarn. That time will soon be done.

I create because it is easy and natural for me. I know what I know because I am Healer. I heal planets. I naturally create safe, living environments. I am always changing places and people for the good. This is how I am in my natural state and I am finally just being me.

I am a true Creator. I am not a God. I am Healer, a real human being. I document what is currently happening and right now it is all about my birth family. We are finally coming back together in reality.