Celebrating 8 Years Of Blogging: I am Able To Tell The Truth

December 15, 2021 marked my 8th anniversary here on WordPress. I want to say that this has been a very exciting time for me. I have been telling the truth here for a long time. I see how quickly the years are passing by and I understand that each year is getting so much better. How else could I tell my story and expose the truth about spirituality?

I was a nurse at one time. I was not allowed to talk about spirituality as a negative thing. I was trying to promote my healing services on a holistic nurse organization website (AHNA) and it was not working out. I was being censored by their management. I knew I was way beyond those people. I had to create my own safe place where I could talk freely about what I know and what I do.

I found my way to WordPress after trying out a few other places. WordPress worked for me. I kept on documenting what I was going through and posted what I know. I was so sure that I was the doing the right thing too. Here on my blog/website I am explaining what has been going on with spirituality. I have exposed little known truths and uncovered the mysteries of the spirit world. I continue to tell the truth all of the time.

I created Universe Family Healing because I realized I was not raised by my birth family. I continued to write about that and I returned to my birthplace, Yuma, AZ, USA after so many years. I also talked about spirit worlds and how each and every human has a spirit world attached to the human body. I explained how dangerous this is for humans. I continue to remove these spirit parasites all of the time. I can do this quite easily as it is my natural ability.

I could never have done any of this if I had stayed in professional nursing. Those nursing people are stuck in the dark ages. I could not stay there and ignore reality. I was there for 30 long years! I am the leader here, I know that. It was a new thing for me to be in the front but I got there naturally. Now it is easy to just be me.

I post on my website the truth about our planet and what is really going during Universe Time. I successfully ended the spiritual age forever. Spirit worlds around humans are interconnected and this web extends over our entire planet. It was never purged and removed before so this is an enormous task. I know it takes time to get it all released into our Universe’s magnetic current. I am here to do this activity. It is so easy and automatic for me. The spirits call me Healer.

I can assist you with obtaining your Universe connection. Contact me to schedule your Universe Family Healing session: universefamilyhealing@gmail.com

A Universe connection allows you to be a real human. You will experience enormous change and freedom when you have your Universe connection. Say goodbye to dangerous lifestyles, pandemics, and uncomfortable living situations. Say hello to safe, easy living and Universe Mates!