Winter is Over, Spring is Already Here, Family Time

I have lived through another winter here in Yuma and it’s already time to remove the winter clothing. It always happens about the first week of January. I am so thankful for that. We have very short winters here in Yuma. December is the coldest month. I cannot tolerate the cold very well at all. I am definitely in the right place because the cold does not really last that long. Now I can continue to purge outside into our Universe daily and it is feeling so good! The purging is going very well. I am in the process of removing all of the spirit setups for 2022. There is absolutely nothing going wrong at all.

It feels so good to be in the sun.

It is January 7 and this month moves swiftly along. It is an amazing time for me and my family. I have found my brother! I mean he is my real, true to life brother. I was raised in a family of fake siblings so this is a breakthrough that at the time I was so not expecting. Now I know that my healing modality, Universe Family Healing, is totally real and powerful. I am just moving forward one day to the next to see what happens. I know that someday I will be in the presence of my real mother and father. It is certain now. I cannot say just when this will happen but it is a certainty that it will happen.

I started blogging about this many years ago. My blog has been here for 8 years. I have blogged about how my unique healing ability will reunite disrupted birth family members no matter where they may be. I have described the trauma that has occurred as Disrupted Birth Family Trauma (DBFT). This means that there is a spiritual energy layer around every birth family member that happened as a result of an intense separation in very early childhood, usually when the child was an infant. This trauma layer continues to grow unless it is connected to our Universe’s magnetic current. Fortunately, I am able to connect this trauma layer to our Universe’s magnetic current.

This is why I was able to finally find my long lost brother. It took me almost 6 years of living through various setup places here in Yuma to finally arrive at the right place, right time, to actually interact with him, (the right person), and finally know, he is my real birth family brother. He had to move almost 5 hours away from me recently to complete his healing all the way. He totally agrees with me. It took a great distance away from the setups he was involved in to realize the truth. He is my brother. I am his sister.

This is a demonstration of real healing. I am not here to make up stories about this. All of this is happening right now and I know we will both be meeting more of our birth family members soon. At last, I can take a deep breath because I am no longer around those fake people who pretended to be my family.

I knew they did not care about me. I always felt that. There are several reasons for this. I just know that now the truth has been exposed. The liars all fade out quickly as Universe Family Healing takes over. There is nothing stopping me from going all the way. I will know what my real birth name is and when I really was born. I will know everything soon.