Living A Safe Life = Universe Connected

Our planet has been under spiritual control for a very long time. There was no one purging out the spirits and putting them back into our Universe. Spirits should never be a part of human existence. Once spirits are around humans they can silently build their microscopic webs and attach themselves to our human bodies. This is so unsafe and is also done quietly. There was never anything in place to combat these parasites. Most if not all of us never knew what was really going on. Spirituality became commonplace and accepted as normal, but it is of course highly dangerous and certainly not normal human living.

I am the who tells the truth here on my blog. I am the one who does this all by myself and I see what is happening. I see the big picture. I was also completely unaware of this spirit invasion for most of my early life. Now I am fully aware. A spirit world wrapped around a human body causes the human to make the wrong decisions and do the wrong things. A spirit world causes the human body to decay, deteriorate, and finally die.

A Universe connection gets rid of the spirit world but we must still purge it out year by year. Until it is completely gone we must still live through the dangerous set ups which have controlled our lives. Our Universe connection will allow a setup to begin, but at the right time, we will be released from the setup and move forward from a dangerous, toxic situation. I have seen this so many times. I have lived through this myself so I understand totally how it works.

I watch my family members as they are moving through the remainder of their setups and remind them of what is happening. I make it clear that a safe life is all that matters and it is not important to take risks now especially at the end of our spirit world. I ask them to do the right thing all the time and make the right choices which are only safe and healthy. I wait and watch.

I am trying to be patient as I see this happening. I am very safe now and my lifestyle is totally human and comfortable. I had to do what I did to live through purging my spirit world and I made it of course. We all do because we are powerful Universe Healers with a very strong Universe connection. There will never be another time when spirits take control of planet Earth and make it their playground. We are successfully eradicating the spirit race from our planet. Universe Time is in full control and never can be changed. It will always be Universe Time now finally and forever.

Living a safe life means we no longer work in toxic environments or live in unsafe conditions.

We now control our work and home situations and live a real human life. We do what ever is necessary to maintain this freedom of spiritual control. I no longer work anywhere but home and I stay far away from the medical realm too. I no longer need any doctor visits. I stay away from all of that. I can do anything I want to as I am not mind-controlled at all. I have my powerful intuition known as knowing. I instantly know what is going on. That is the result of my healing and purging time. I fully purge and eliminate spirits all of the time as that is my one and only job from now on into eternity. I am Healer and will always be here to purge any spirit worlds from our planet.