At The End Of The Spirit World Just Purge

I am so enjoying this time of the year! Each year has been set up spiritually so I know that at the end I have successfully removed a vast amount of setups! I know that these setups never repeat because they are completely purged. Right now at the end of November, I am relaxing and enjoying the sun. Very few of us understand the importance of sun doses especially in November, but of course I am writing and blogging about it right here.

So, I have finished my Sonoma Sunset Shawl finally. I feel like this means that my family in California will be relocating soon. I hope so anyway. I had to wait for a whole year to finally get the last skein of yarn I needed. I feel that this means that everything is moving forward now and family reunion is just ahead. I am making connections with the core of my family now. I had to live through several years to get this far. One day to the next I am moving forward as always.

I barely notice the holiday season. Really, I do not participate in the holidays much at all. This time of the year means something very different to me. I work hard to remove whatever is remaining. There can be some pretty hazardous things going on but never amount to much because I rapidly remove the setup. I am that powerful now. So, if someone is intentionally setting off smoke alarms, turning off the main electrical breaker and running all of the hot water out of the hot water tank, well I know these are just pranks and nothing to get all excited about.

Moving forward to years end, I am resting and purging continually of course. All is good right now. I am breaking into the core of my family finally. I see that my six years has been a worthwhile undertaking. I continue to observe and stay out of the middle. I relax and complete this year successfully. I am Healer and will always be here to purge spirit worlds off of our planet. That is my job and forever it will be.

Sonoma Sunset Shawl