Universe Time Means Universe Mates Are A Reality

My ring finger is purging! This has never happened before with me. It is totally significant. It means that marriage is totally obsolete. I know that this is what it means. Marriage is a very ancient spirit setup between man and woman. There has always been lots of spirit games with marriage. It has gotten worse year after year. I know that marriage will just fade out as a possibility. Universe Mates are already here and never do things the old marriage way.

We all know about the failure rate of marriage. More than half of all marriages end. And they all started with good intentions too. But of course, since spirit worlds are in control of the marriages, things just fall apart eventually. Toxic relationships happen almost constantly now. Too many of us have been involved in those situations. Now we have a solution so that we can live happily, safely, and comfortably. We are creating a planet where Universe Mates are in control. Old married couples of the past are so negative and brittle. They cannot survive a Universe Time. Universe connected couples can live very well during this time. There is no other way to live really.

So what does this mean exactly? Well, even I am not totally sure right now. All I know is I am not wearing any rings ever again. My hands are healing hands and so no rings allowed. A ceremony? I am not really sure about that either. Ceremonies are highly ritualistic, negative, and spiritual. Do we really need it? Well I know some people are going to say forget it. When children are involved who is going to give them their name? I guess it is up to the couple.

Really, I am not sure about the details. I just know that Universe connected couples never break up and never experience a toxic relationship. Love is real and everlasting. Sharing of resources continues of course and there is a balancing here. Old well-worn traditions fade as Universe Time brings harmony to families everywhere. We see a change from the highly legal and totally negative marriage to a natural human bonding. Now that sounds so sweet.

My ring finger purges. I am so happy. I do not have to wear a ring again to show everyone I am “taken”. I am happy to post about this and I know it will take some time for this to really change everywhere. I just had to say that it is really happening because my ring finger is really purging and that phenomenon never happened before. And this is totally a result of Universe Family Healing.

Get your Universe connection now and reunite happily with your Universe Mate. Contact me by email to schedule a Universe Family Healing Session. It is only here on my website that this can happen. No one else can do what I do. I am real. I do this all by myself.