Everything is Going the Right Way

I am so happy to see all of the positive things going on right now on our planet. It assures me that I have really done my job as Universe Family Healer. I have been going with the flow for several years and now it seems I am almost done. I think I am, but not sure. I never am sure of that: When am I done? When am I going to see my family again? I mean my real family not some fake set up situation that has been going on here around me. I am ready for a real family reunion.

Universe Time means that all spirits worlds on planet Earth are being controlled by our Universe. When our Universe is in control, spirit worlds must leave our planet. This is a significant undertaking as there are so many spirit worlds on our planet. Every human has a spirit world built upon his or her human body. That’s a lot of spirit worlds to remove and merge with our Universe’s magnetic current.

However, I have learned alot about all of this over the years and I see that not every single human needs to be connected by me. That would be very difficult. Spirit worlds tend to be inter-connected all over the place. Spiritual connections are breaking up and moving swiftly now. The right decisions are being made by the right people. Spirit worlds are not in control of human decision making anymore. Spirits are aliens parasites living on human bodies. This makes it easy to understand and know that they must all be removed.

Universe Time is a first for our planet’s history. It has never happened before and that is why things were always going the wrong way. Now we are living the right way, the human way. Whatever happens now is the result of a powerful Universe Time as all spirit worlds are easily removed. Thank goodness this is happening in reality. Universe Time is not a dream or spirit game. It is real.