Secrets Are Purging Quickly Now

Secrets are no longer in control of anything here on planet Earth. All that happens now is the truth and this is happening everywhere, not just on some parts of Earth. Our planet’s leaders are meeting again and this time the right people are meeting together, at the right place and time. This is a first for our planet. Our Universe is happy and smiling. I see the Smiley Moon outside in the evening. This always means that things are going very well. Look out your window or just go outside and enjoy the beauty of the Smiley Moon. I am the only one who talks about this phenomenon right here on my blog.

Finally, we are having a real Universe Time. Nothing is stopping this or changing it to the wrong way. The meetings in Europe are very powerful right now. Major changes are happening the right way as many of Earth’s countries come together for a Universe healing. I know that they may not be aware of this happening, but it really is happening! I am so happy that this has finally happened too. I can relax now and know that everything is going the right way. The right decisions are finally being made and this will continue on and on. I am responsible for making this happen. It has been my job to purge spirit worlds off of planet Earth. So, because spirit worlds are no longer in control of human decision making, the right decisions are made consistently.

I am also providing healing around me again and so many new people have arrived here where I live. I hear their stories and I know they are very much like me. We chat a bit and then they obtain their Universe connection too. It is all good here where I live. Yuma has a huge Universe connection, so it is a very good place to live. It is really amazing to see what is happening around me. I speak the truth as always and see the changes in their faces. I feel their spirit world pulling off of their human bodies as they tell me their trauma stories. I share mine with them too. It works so powerfully right now.

Truth telling has always been a very powerful healing method. Spirit worlds do not want truths to be told ever. Spirits rely on their existence through the lies and secrets. This is how they create fictional setups which controlled reality. They are very good at covering up reality, or at least they once were. I already know so many lies that are being uncovered and all that will remain is the truth. Layers of spirit worlds are purged and reality is right there already. There is no need to create reality as it was just covered up by the spirit worlds.

Secrets are purging at the right time now. We are living at the right time to see this happen. The negative highly spiritual people are losing their power quickly and will die. That is what happens to them as their spirit worlds purge. Those bad people cannot live without them. This is a function of our Universe’s magnetic current as it takes back the spiritual energy that it needs to remain strong and intact. Spirits should never be living on humans as parasites. This is definitely the wrong thing to do and therefore spirit worlds have existed in the wrong place for a very long time. No more is this happening. All the lies are being purged now and spirits are relocating to the vastness of our Universe and far away from humans. Spirits are all going on their Universe Journeys!

This is how life continues on our planet Earth, the only planet anywhere where human life exists.