I Am Not In The Middle

I am only the observer. I see the craziness of the what goes on here and know that it is necessary to make things better. Universe Time protects me as usual from the crazy fools who still exist in our Universe. I see that I am not the one involved here. I am not the target at all. The vulgar verbal ravings of a certain individual are not directed at me all. I see how this is playing out. I observe and stay far away. I see our Universe removing the problems completely and know that my home will be safer as a result.

I used to be a target. I know all about what that means. I was a target for awhile and finally figured out what was going on. I was a target at several workplaces. The game is called workplace bullying and I left my professional career because of it. I cannot work in any of those places again. My healing ability is so powerful in those negative places that I instantly start the purging of those spirit worlds around those people and then it gets toxic. What a mess! I left all that far behind me in 2018 and never will return. I have also experienced being a target in some living places. That is not happening here.

My safest place is at home. I work only at home now and this will never change. I see how this has made my life as safe as possible. I stay only where it is safe and comfortable. I do not get involved in the drama playing out around me. I know that soon it will be over and done. I am not in the middle of it this time or any other time.

Universe Family Healing continues to ensure I am safe. I never have to be around toxic people as their target. I am the observer from a safe distance as their spirit worlds fall apart. I know that this is going to end up the right way. It always does. I have full confidence in my healing modality and our Universe!

This time, this year is so cool. I am getting back many things now that I had to give away as I returned to my homeland. I had to pare down to a suitcase as I moved through the setups here. I had to live through each one and I am doing that right now. This time I am not in the middle. I am safe and watch what happens. I know that this setup involves the right people. I am not one of those people. I am not in charge here. I am only a tenant. Thank goodness for that!

Universe Family Healing takes us out of the middle. This feels very good! And it is safe and sometimes, it is fun to watch what happens. I am finally at that place where all I do is watch and be entertained by the freak show playing out. Most importantly, I am able to help other people obtain a direct connection to our Universe and get out of the middle finally and forever. It is the only place to be in Universe Time.