All Is Good In My Homeland

Our Universe is really here in Yuma making everything happen the right way! I can feel it. I know that the time I spent moving around my hometown over the past few years has made a huge difference! Talk about healing communities, healing is all over the place here. I love it. I just love it so much. I am home, thank goodness.

There is really only one way to transform a community. People are the key and Universe Family Healing is how it’s done. One family at a time is doing this. Purging spirits into our Universe is changing how we live. Our lifestyles are improving so much as a result of purging out the spirit worlds here. I see it happening right before my eyes everyday. I have lived in some extremely challenging places here in Yuma and see vast improvements. It is real and amazing.

A very long time ago, we had no options to rid ourselves of the negativity surrounding us. There were some pretend methods including spiritual healing etc., but those things never really worked very good. Now, we have finally reached the time in our planet’s history when we can totally eradicate spiritual worlds on our bodies. It is happening everywhere. I just want to say how important this really is. Gradually all of the spirits will be gone. They are not from our planet. They are aliens to Earth and cannot live here without having a human host. That spiritual infestation time is over. No longer can spirits enjoy living on and decaying human bodies.

All is good these days. I can say this without any hesitation. All is good finally and forever. Yuma is healing and showing me what it was meant to be. I can see a real community erupting through the fake and negative one. I established a powerful Universe connection and slowly it consumes and removes all spirit worlds located in the city. Only the right things continue to happen now. I am relieved that I can breathe safely again. Nothing is going wrong and never will.