I Have Achieved Financial Freedom

I have lived past October 15, 2021 on my own. This has never happened before in our human history. No other Healer as accomplished what I have done and made it this far back to the homeland, financially secure and safe. Now I understand that my life is safe and secure. I will not suffer anymore. I will not be put outside to try and live. I will always have a home and financial security and independence. This assures me that I will always be here to remove all spirit worlds from our planet.

I know this job is mine and mine alone. I know that I can do it so easily because it is my natural ability which cannot be duplicated. I am not relying on anyone right now. I can live here where I am and gradually move forward as my means improve. I am confident that this will happen now. I made it to this time. I will live on and on.

As I write these words I am feeling so much better that I am done with all of those spiritual nightmares from California USA. I had to literally survive everything to get back home to safety. Now that I am in my homeland once again I know exactly what to do and it happens the right way. I am very powerful now. I know that I can achieve whatever I am trying to do. I have waited until this time and it is paying off for me. No one has any power over me and never will again.

Universe Family Healing has brought me back to my homeland so that I can live a real life. My life is not going to end either. This year brings me so much happiness that I cannot really explain. I am so happy that I can live free and on my own here in my homeland. I have a safe and stable retirement income. I can do whatever I need to do. I can offer healing to others anywhere on planet Earth. I am not relying on my healing services for my financial existence but I am available to help others who reach out to me. People all over planet Earth know about me now and that will only increase more and more as time goes on.

Living through this year has brought me to this important part of my life. I am not going to be doing anything but the right thing from now on. No more unwanted activities or negative encounters. It is all positive and moving forward for me. I am leaving the deadness of the spirit worlds quickly and this feels so good. Spirit worlds cannot exist in my homeland as they are consumed quickly by our Universe current which constantly flows through my human body. I am in control and have conquered the most dangerous thing that has plagued humans, spirituality. It is forever ended.