Our Planet is a Universe Planet

From my perspective, planet Earth is doing just fine right now. Of course I see things from my perspective as Healer of our Universe. I see that our planet is finally and forever controlled by our Universe’s magnetic current. I know this fact and it is a very good feeling. I talk about this phenomenon here on my website. No where else can you read about this reality. It is only at http://www.firsthealer.com. Our planet is living and Universe Time is now in control.

This will never change. Universe Time is defined as follows: Our Universe is in full control of the spirit worlds here on our planet. As a result of this control, all spirit worlds around humans are actively being pulled away from our planet and merged with our Universe’s magnetic current. This process is real and amazing and is the result of Universe Family Healing, my personal and very powerful healing modality.

I know that I am so far ahead of the scientists of the day. I am because I have to be to get things back to normal. Today’s scientists do not understand the reality of spiritual energy. They cannot test it so they deny its existence. Thank goodness I can document the reality of spirit worlds here. I am not stopped or silenced. I had to leave the nursing profession that was stifling my abilities. I was also being told not to talk about spiritual energy as a bad thing. I had to totally reverse and go the other direction to create a website where the truth is being told.

Planet Earth is the only planet where humans exist. However, for many years we were under the control of spirit worlds. In fact, it was generally accepted to have a spiritual side. Well ha ha, that spiritual side is a human parasite! So, I am uniquely qualified to get rid of these parasites. I am the one Healer throughout the ages of planet Earth’s history who is here to connect and eliminate all spirit worlds from our planet! I’m not sure why it’s me, but I know that it is me. Now things will happen the right way.

Our planet’s leaders will all be the right people in those high ranking places. They will be making the right decisions to make things happen the right way. There is only one right way now, the way to preserve and protect human life. This can only happen when spirit words are no longer controlling human minds. Gradually all spirit worlds will be eliminated and therefore spirits are becoming extinct.

Earth is already a very unique place where humans evolved. Now we are able to become fully spirit free and continue improving our lives one day at a time. That is the Universe way. We are all becoming Universe humans finally. Thank goodness!