Universe Family Healing is Real Healing!

I am stating this once again. I am the only real Healer. My healing modality is powerful because I am able to be the catalyst between Earth’s humans and our Universe current. I am the connection. I always have this ability as it was mine at birth. My natural healing ability cannot be taught in a course. No one can say that they will teach you to be a Universe Family Healer. It cannot be done that way. Those people who say that are just lying to you.

I can end the negative lifestyle that has controlled you. The reason for this negative lifestyle is a spirit world that has wrapped itself around your human body. A spirit world is a human parasite! My healing ability is very specialized in removing these spiritual parasites forever. Real healing involves the removal of spiritual energy and putting it into our Universe. I do not need any rituals or workplaces to do my healing.

There are no special tools either. I am always connected and removing spirits from our planet. I can do real Universe Family Healing on a phone call. I can do this healing from the comfort and safety of my home, wherever I may be. I do this without face to face contact. Therefore, I can provide healing to humans all over planet Earth.

I am just waiting for the right time when more and more people will find me and access my services. I am not going to push myself on people as it gets way too negative for me. Instead, I let the Internet send people my way. I am always available by email to set up a healing session. Universe Family Healing is safe and 100% accurate and effective. There is no mistake about me; I am the real deal. In these difficult times it is very important to look at other alternative methods of achieving health and wellness. I am at the top of that list.