Universe Family Healing Has Given Me Freedom

I feel so free nowadays. In my early life I had to endure a negative living existence without even realizing what was going on. I was taken away from my homeland as a young child, stolen from my birth family and forced to live with a highly spiritual fake family. None of us were related to each other! Every child except for one was stolen away from their birth family. It was so fake and unreal. There were four of us siblings and only one son was theirs.

How did I manage to get away from that California mess? I still am amazed that I accomplished this separation. California had me for over 55 years. I look back on that place now as it really is, an unrealistic fantasyland. California continues to burn itself up. Perhaps someday it will be an island again. I see that it will break up too into smaller states and then finally separate away. It will happen someday, return to its original condition. People living there do not understand that California is not a real place at all.

I was born in Yuma, AZ, USA. Here in Yuma the atmosphere is not spiritual at all. The sun shines most everyday. The Universe current is extremely strong here for me. I feel the pulling through my hands and feet constantly no matter what I am doing. It gives me reassurance that I am safe and far away from that negative California mess. I will never return to California ever again.

Here in Yuma, I am just being me. I am not a nurse or anything else but Healer. My nursing career in California was 30 years too long. It suppressed my natural healing ability. I have no respect for the nursing profession. Spirituality is part of the nursing curriculum and nothing about the Universe is ever mentioned. Shameful. There is no good purpose for the nursing profession these days. It is all about paying the BRN’s fees. Our Universe will totally remove that nursing profession one final day.

My sole purpose is to get rid of the spiritual invasion on our planet. I do this quite easily from my home. I no longer work in any toxic environments. That is all in the past for me. I am safe here at home. I do not have to put up with any bullying or nasty behavior. I simply do my own thing on my own and it is working. Apparently I am the only Healer who has been able to get rid of spirit worlds. Surely no one else is talking about this but me. I am the expert in spiritual energy removal. I am the go to person for real Universe Family Healing. All other healing by spiritual healers is fake and does nothing. Our Universe is purging out the spiritual healers who have not done a good job.

Freedom. Many people describe it differently. I describe it as being free of spiritual control. I control the spirits now and that will never change. I can easily connect anyone’s spirit world to our Universe’s current. I am here to help anyone suffering from disease, (mental and physical) and family problems. I can help you with your love life too. I can basically change your entire existence for the good. I am not sure why more people are not aware of my services, but hopefully in time everyone will know about me. I am here to heal our planet and our Universe. I am here so that life continues.