Moving Forward After All These Years

Yes, I can say that I am moving forward still. It was so long ago that I was stuck in the negative world and seemed like I was not accomplishing anything. I was in reality. It just did not seem like it then. There was so much of the spirit world on me. So much had to be purged and it did get purged. Slowly, year after year, it got purged. I feel it is really gone now. There is nothing left of it now, for my family. We had to live apart to get this all done. There is no other way to do this. Our Universe automatically separated us to remove every spirit setup placed upon us. Nothing is stopping us now.

I have survived through it all. I always kept going no matter what the circumstances and I always blogged about it, whatever it was, good or bad. I am documenting this amazing phenomenon, Universe Family Healing, which has not taken place before in our human history. I carefully note changes and keep track of the times. I know that this has helped me alot to see progress and to know what is really going on. It has been an adventure and sometimes I feel reluctant to be who I am but I can’t stop that either. I am Healer and this is permanent. I cannot give this ability to someone else and say, “OK, now it’s your turn.”

I entered October fully aware that my eldest son turned 35, and this is a milestone indeed. Everything is going just fine for all of us. I continue into October without any concerns really. I am safe, secure, and live within my means. There are no problems, financial or legal, upon me now. All of that is far in the past and never repeats. I have full control over the purging of the spirit world. It is dying and leaving our planet very quickly. Universe Time is well established with the right people in control making the right decisions. And this never changes to anything else. All is safe and healthy on planet Earth.

Yes, I am always moving forward and living my real life here in Yuma. I always will be here living in Yuma. There is no other place on planet Earth for me to live. I am home finally and forever. I am living comfortably and safely. I am sure my family will eventually reunite at the right time. Right now I am enjoying the gorgeous autumn weather and making more Healer Wraps. This is what I have hoped for, a very stable and easy life. I have earned what I have now. It gets better for us all of the time. I am always purging the spirits wherever they may be on our planet. I am here to help others connect their spirit worlds to our Universe’s magnetic current. Finally, I am just being me.