Sweet September, Summer’s End

I am so enjoying this summertime. I look back and recall the other summers here in Yuma. I lived through all of them somehow. This time is the first time that I lived through a summer indoors in my own place (with air conditioning). I laugh at how long it took for me to get here. 5 years.

I experienced zero heat rash this summer.

I have almost everything delivered to me.

I am creating many beautiful shawls and wraps.

And, simultaneously I purge out the spirit worlds of our planet.

Right now I am crocheting a shawl with yarn named Peaceful Earth. I have already made Calming Desert and Restful Rainbow. This is how I’m spending this summer completely indoors. Amazing.

Instead of laying down outside in my zero gravity lounge chair 24/7 like last summer, I am laying down inside. Of course this helps the purging process. Really, not much else is going on with me. This is my time to rest and heal comfortably.

Summer ends in a few weeks and temperatures drop. There will be more outside time again. Perhaps some good things are going to be happening for me. I certainly am ready for that to happen. I am doing my part to end wars and pandemics. No one really notices though. But I am always at work healing our planet. I am purging out the Dark Ages.

Still it would be so nice to see or hear from a family member or friend. It’s been so long. When is this finally going to happen? Family members heal first then we find our Universe Mates. This is the correct order. I always say that. It has not changed.

Sweet September, ending summer, opening up the outdoors again. Thank goodness it’s only a few days away.

Please know that I am always available to provide a Universe Family Healing session. My words are powerful indeed but a healing session by phone one on one with me really gets the job done. Connect your family’s spirit world to our Universe and live.