I Have Some Changes Finally

Finally I am feeling it. The return to normalcy. Finally I can take out my tangled mess of 1928 jewelry out of the Food City bags, clean it up, and store it properly. I managed to keep my collection with me during the last five + years. All of a sudden, I am doing this activity. I am buying jewelry cleaner, jewelers’ gloves, and tiny little ziploc bags. I bought a new jewelry storage box. Wow, it is so automatic this return to normalcy. I love it. I love Universe Time. It is all coming back to me. It means there are some really good things coming up too.

I just planted seeds in a little planter to grow kitty grass. I have not grown anything for quite awhile. I still have all of my gardening tools and seeds. I am waiting for the right location to do this again. This must be coming up too. Right now all I can manage to do is grow my kitty boys some grass, but it is a return to growing things.

Feels like a change of living arrangements is going to be happening sometime soon. Feels like it is almost here. But I have no idea where I will be. I must be just getting ready at the right time. I still live one day to the next as always. I am still going with the flow. None of that has changed. It just feels like reality and normalcy are right here with me but I need to be in a different location to really make it happen. All this is coinciding with the change of the weather and season.

So, now I have more activity to my day. I am still crocheting my shawls and adding to my Healer Wrap collection. Now I am cleaning and organizing my jewelry. I am growing edible grass. What is next? I am not sure, just that these are significant things happening with me right now. I update my status frequently as I continue to move closer to my birth family here in Yuma and hopefully, my Universe Mate.

I am demonstrating what life is like when I live in Universe Time. It is so cool! Things always happen at the right time and there are no mistakes ever. This is my current status as I continue to regain my real life here in Yuma. I will always post here the positive changes as they are happening. I know this is the right time for a lot of good things to happen, mainly family and loved ones reuniting soon. This is what I am hoping for everyday.

Get yourself on Universe Time. Contact me for a Universe Family Healing session and live a real life.