I am Not the Fifth Element: I am Healer

Originally posted on February 19, 2021, I felt it appropriate to perform one final healing ritual.

And so, The Fifth Element (me) burned the incense of The Four Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water to mark the day that the war in Afghanistan ended, 08/30/2021. Now there will never be war on planet Earth ever again.

Well, maybe I really am some kind of Fifth Element.

February 19, 2021

Spirits say I am the real Fifth Element. Well I finally watched that Bruce Willis movie of the same name again. I realized I was made to even look like that actress. My hair stopped growing. It is thinning a bit too. But I am not coloring it red. In fact, I am not the fifth anything. I am Healer. I purge spirit worlds and all their spirit games, setups, and scenarios. That is what I do. Fifth element stuff is just a spirit game that I purge into our Universe.

I am not a spirit game. I am not a fifth element. I am a real human female living on planet Earth. I am grounded right here. I am not out there in outer space. I am here on the planet and always will be. I am alive and breathing, not some spirit who came here to save our planet. Making me seem like a spiritual game is not going to work. A spiritual person cannot do what I do. I don’t and never did play the games of the spirit world. I am gradually and entirely getting rid of the spirit world.

Spirits are aliens to our living planet Earth. Spirits have to live on human bodies to have their existence. Spirits are human parasites. There is nothing good about spirits. There are no good spirits. There are just spirits. Plain and simple. All spirits are purged. It would be nice to see a movie made about reality and people like me who are totally real and doing the right thing naturally. Even a song about this would be wonderful.

What I do is work with our Universe’s magnetic current. I stay here on the planet to do this. Somehow, the spirit world contents are flowing through me and out into our Universe current. It is that simple and quite effective. It is all one way now. There are no more intact spirit worlds controlling everything. There are no more spiritual communication networks going back and forth between humans. I instantly purge out all spiritual matter. Spirits cannot stay put on me anymore.

I have been successful in disrupting the biggest spirit worlds on the planet. This gradual steady removal process is allowing our planet to heal and become young and alive. Our Universe is highly magnetic and that is where the spirits belong. Living on human beings is over for spirits. Spirits have to leave our planet immediately and be removed far away from us. This is happening! It is me doing this not some freaky fifth element. I am real and I am doing this everyday. I just had to clear this up again. I am a real human female. I am not a spiritual being. I am 100% human doing this as a service for our planet Earth.

I can provide individual Universe Family Healing sessions. Contact me if you are interested in getting your spirit world off of you and into our Universe. One family at a time heals, then we are ready for Universe Mates. Let’s all do this now and get the fun times started!