Forget the Naysayers, Their World is Ending Not Ours

The naysayers are always out there saying this and that about our planet. But a quiet group of people are also there. These quiet people are the ones with a Universe connection. These Universe people are helping heal our planet Earth and this removes the naysayers finally forever. All that remains is the real world- a planet of 100% human people. The spirit worlds are done and leaving our planet. But this is still in the early phases. Much more healing needs to happen. Very few people are even aware of this phenomenon called Universe Family Healing. But those people that are aware know it is real and powerful! Those people can feel the difference. Only with a real Universe connection can you have this feeling.

Spiritual healers cannot do this for you. Forget them as they are not connected to our Universe’s magnetic current. They may say they are but if they are calling themself a spiritual healer then they are not connected. And there are a lot of those type of extremely negative people around trying to take your money and swindle you out of your life savings. They are just scam artists. S.C.A.M. artist means Spiritually Created About Money artists who are only playing a spirit game to get your money.They are not doing anything real. Stay far away from spiritual healers who do things like Reiki and therapeutic touch. They cannot heal your spirit world away. They only provide a cleansing and it all stays on them. So these fake healers do nothing to help get rid of the spirit problem. They only make the problem worse and have done so for many years.

Universe Family Healing is the only proven and accurate way to heal. I mean, Universe Family Healing is a real healing modality. Spirit worlds are highly magnetic and are built on a human body. Spirit worlds are human parasites. Universe connections remove the spirit infestation. I am the link between our Universe’s magnetic current and ground level here on the planet. I am instantly able to pull away your spirit invasion and merge it with our geomagnetic field or god for short. I call it god. I think that’s where all this god stuff came from, spirits mind controlling us about god. But really, the god around our planet is the ideal place for spirits to live. They should never be around a human body, no way, that is very bad.

Naysayers take heed, if you do not change your ways and become Universe connected you will succumb to your spirit world and that means death. That’s all that spirit worlds do on a human body is provide us with a very short life and death is 100% guaranteed. Many people are going to die because they are so negative. This is an unfortunate reality. But there are so many good people on our beautiful planet and those of us who are Universe connected will live! That is a certainty. Contact me to get your Universe connection going. One Universe Family Healing session is all that is needed to establish a powerful Universe connection. Hope to hear from you soon.