Universe Family Healing Takes All The Problems Away

Why live in the negative spiritual world among negative people who are just trying to get their way all of the time? Instead, get rid of that lifestyle and become a real human being. My healing modality does just that- separates us from the negative world as it decays away.

I know this is new for our planet as people here have always been controlled by a spirit world. But the reality is spirits are not necessary for human life. Spirits are parasites living on our bodies! Humans are necessary for spirit life. It has always been that way. No one was getting rid of this mega spirit problem until now.

Spirit control over humans has made our planet very negative. We have grown up the wrong way here. We need to all heal and grow up again and do things the right way this time. Who else is saying things like that? No one is. I am the only one talking about this because I am the only human who is seeing this problem for what it is. I am also the only human who is doing something about it directly. I not only see it and talk about it. I do something about it. The negative people had all of the control in the past and did things wrong. There is no doubt about that. Those negative people are not in control anymore and they don’t like it, but too bad. Their time is over.

I have effectively created Universe Time because I am here alive and well. Universe Time means our Universe’s magnetic current is actively pulling away these spirit worlds from our planet and merging them within itself. I am actively purging spirit worlds away from our planet. I am the human with the direct connection to this magnetic current high up in our atmosphere. This is real science but you will never read about this on Google news.

A spirit world is just a web of spirits living on a human body. Think of this like millions of microscopic spiders setting up their own environment on your body. Believe me, they are there on every human. All of this is done so quietly and without any awareness of the human. Spirits are always there in the background playing their games, setting up dreams to come true, and creating more of themselves.

This is a nuisance infestation worse than head lice, bed bugs, and scabies. These parasites can be effectively treated. Spirit worlds cannot be treated by any shampoos or medications. The only way to get rid of a spiritual infestation is by purging it away. This is a healing technique that I created. It is mine alone as I have this powerful Universe connection in my hands.

Change happens as a result. All of the problems that were set up by the spirit worlds leave and fade away. There are no more problems as they were all a product of this spirit infestation. Health conditions are often times spiritually induced. Those health issues leave when there is an active Universe connection. Why put up with anything at all when it can be eradicated by our Universe.

Universe Family Healing connects these spirit worlds automatically but you must have an interaction personally with me. I do this by telephone so anyone anywhere on planet Earth can be connected. My words alone do not allow for this connection. Perhaps you feel something when you read them but that is just the start to create an awareness. The next step is to contact me directly for your Universe Family Healing session.

So, instead of going to the doctor for any ailment, mental or physical, try my healing instead. My healing technique is real. My healing is powerful. Now we can really get rid of the spirits once and for all, finally and completely.