Only The Right Things Happen Now, It’s Universe Time!

Our planet is experiencing Universe Time finally. Universe Time means that our Universe’s geomagnetic current is actively removing the spiritual invasion on our planet. Earth as a young planet of humans was taken over by a spiritual invader. These spirits rely on a human body to live and therefore are parasites. I want this to be common knowledge. Every human on our planet became a host to these spirits. It was all done very quietly too. No one understood what was really going on. In fact no one knew about it at all. These spirits are dangerous to humans as they are very mind-controlling entities and work silently in the background to create and expand their intricately woven spirit worlds. They created their own specialized environments too and lived happily doing what they like to do, dream and pretend that they are humans.

But they are not human! And they are not necessary for human life. Humans are not in need of anything spiritual especially when it involves controlling our minds and bodies. These spirit parasites actually end human life! They cause the human body to age and die. They promote unhealthy habits. They put a human being into denial. So many of the health problems we experience are spiritually induced. Enough said, we are now getting rid of this spiritual mess and thus saving our planet from dying.

I see the right things happening now everyday. It feels so good to see the right things happening everywhere. The bad people are getting exposed and dealt with appropriately! This is such a big deal right now but soon it will be just the norm. There has to be a turning pointing and we finally have reached this time. The spirit worlds cannot continue doing their dirty work to the human race. Now the spirit worlds are being dealt with appropriately too. The only way to deal with them is to purge them. I am the one providing this service as Universe Family Healer. I am the connection between our Universe and planet Earth. This spiritual matter is pulled through my body, hands, and feet and out high up in the sky, southeast into the magnetic current. Good riddance to spirits who tried to take total control of our home.

Only the right things happen now because I was able to provide a direct connection to these spirit worlds and our Universe was ever so happy to pull them away. Now we are really living a real life and making our planet safer. Spirits are needed in our planet’s magnetic currents as they strengthen them and should never be here on the planet again. I am not sure how it happened but all I know it is over forever.