Reality is Here Now, Stop Living in The Spirit World

Why would anyone want to live a pretend life? Well, with spirit worlds living on our bodies we are all living in a fake fantasy world without even knowing it. Our spirit worlds create these worlds so they could exist and unfortunately it caused a human infestation. Now we are able to get rid of our spirit worlds and eliminate this infestation on our planet.

Universe Famaily Healing is a form of healing which removes our spirit world parasites. My healing modality is the only one like it on our planet and so it is new, but nevertheless real and powerful. Say goodbye to those old ancient spiritual healing techniques like Reiki and therapeutic touch. Those were well intentioned but ineffective in removing a spirit infestation.

My healing is based on scientific laws and utilizes our Universe’s magnetic current to detach the equally magnetic spirit living on us. This is a very simple method as the spirit world is pulled into our geomagnetic field (god) and thus put to work. These spirit entities are made up of minerals like magnetite and help strengthen our Universe. We are therefore doing the right thing because this actually protects our planet from the mighty sun’s radiation. Everyone should be getting this done.

However very few people even know about me or what I do. I hope that those of you who read this will become instantly aware of this important function, purging our spirit worlds,  and our responsibility we have to continue life on planet Earth. Removing these spirit worlds allows a human to become totally real. And you thought you knew it all? Well just wait because as a result of purging your spirit world you will have your knowing. And then you will know you were just mind controlled for so many years.

We can all live in reality now. A Universe connection puts us back into reality with humans in control of the spirits. Now this is the way it’s supposed to be.