Universe Mates Are A Reality Now

I wanted to make a post about Universe Mates and describe in detail what is going on here. I want this understood that Universe Mates are a total possibility now. We have never had Universe Mates on our planet before. We have always been surrounded by spirit worlds which prevented any sort of Universe connection. In the past we had no choice as we were overtaken by a spiritual predator. Each and every human body was attacked by this invader, a spirit parasite, and silently this invasion grew.

No one knew or understood what was really going on here. It was all too vague and confusing. Spirituality became well liked by many people and spiritual activities became accepted as the “norm”. This is how our planet grew up, with spiritual worlds wrapped around humans. Spiritual worlds are parasites and are very dangerous for humans. Spirit worlds have the ability to mind control humans and are very toxic to our bodies. Spirit worlds cause us to have medical problems. We age and succumb to spirit’s damaging effects on our bodies.

Well, that was how it was in the past. For a very long time spirit worlds were allowed to grow and multiply everywhere. Why? Because this is Earth, a planet of humans. Spirits have to have a human host to live. Humans are the hosts. Spirits are the parasite. It is that plain and simple. But, no one could get rid of these parasites. No one even knew about them or understood what was going on. We behaved as mind-controlled robots without even realizing it. As humans in the past lived and died, their spirit worlds simply moved along to another human host. There was no one getting rid of the spirit worlds anywhere here on the planet.

Healers of the past were only taking spirit worlds from others and adding them to their own. Spiritual healers were not releasing them into our geomagnetic current high up in the sky. And so this spirit problem persisted despite the intentions of spiritual healers who were not Universe connected. Those days are in the past now. The Spiritual Age is over and has become a big part of Earth’s history. It’s seldom discussed in this way. Only I am bringing this out in the open here on my blog. These truths are written here for all to view and understand. The spiritual invasion is finally being dealt with the right way, the Universe way.

I am not a spiritual healer. I am a Universe Family Healer. I have a powerful connection to a magnetic current that is naturally part of our Universe. This highly magnetic current is always around me and I serve as a filter gathering up spiritual worlds from other humans and merging them with this ever-flowing current. I call this the “purge and merge affect“. This totally natural and amazing phenomenon is very powerful now and cannot be turned off. There is no off button for this. I am the one who can do this. Not sure why it’s me, but it does not matter. It is me. I feel this movement, a very gritty movement all of the time in my hands and feet. I am so well grounded and connected that now I can help other humans release their spirit worlds and thus real healing is obtained. I am finally able to be the real me.

As a result of my Universe Family Healing modality, I can easily help anyone who wants to have a positive, safe, and fun life. Of course this is what we all want. We all have these spirit worlds on us and we all need to get rid of them. Every single human needs to purge their spirit world and live real. I am finding out that this is a very good way to reconnect with a love from the past. In fact, I call this result an awakening of Universe Mates here on planet Earth. A Universe Mate is a human who has purged his or her spirit world.

Universe Mates are a reality now as we are purging our spirit worlds and reuniting with our past lovers. Universe Family Healing gets this done and is 100% accurate and effective. There is no doubt about it. Contact me for your Universe Family Healing session. Reunite with your past love and live together happy and safe. It’s the right time to get connected. Let’s make our planet full of life and love the real way, by connecting those nasty, negative, ancient, old spirits to our Universe. We are not going to be controlled by these aliens ever again.