Universe Family Healing Brought Me Back Home

I was so stuck in the wrong place for a very long time. I was not there because of my own intentions though. I was escorted away from my homeland at a very young age. And, I was not with my real birth parents either when I left. I was raised in a foreign land called California. I was far away from my loving family. I never knew this though as I grew up. Those kidnappers never told me I was not theirs. I assumed I was and the deception worked for a very long time. I had no idea who I really was. It would be years and years later when I would finally realize what had happened. I began understanding more and more on my own. I was never told this by those evil people. Universe Family Healing made it very clear for me. I was not raised by my birth parents.

What a complete shock that was! I knew because I had given birth to my own 3 precious sons. I realized what a family bond was. If I had not had children, I’m sure I never would have known. I did though, I was a very good mother, and as a result the truth set me free. I was farther away from those fake family members and spoke rarely to them if at all. It felt so good to be away from that negative mess. I even told a fake sibling once that I did not feel any connection to him or his mom. He only said, “Well I know she is my mom.” Enough said Steven, enough. The truth is always there waiting to be revealed. I see it and accept it and I am so happy I am not one of them.

How did this happen? Well during the 1940s to 1960s and even a bit later, young unmarried mothers were automatically forced to give away their newborns. They were allowed to be with them for a short while, some maybe a bit longer but soon the official person would come and take the baby away. This was an accepted practice by the social workers, doctors, and lawyers of the time. I call it organized kidnapping because that is what it really was, a very simple way to obtain infants without any legal hassles. Everyone involved felt good about it. Everyone except the birth parents. They never felt good about it.

This is what happened to me. I was not allowed the opportunity to live and grow up with my birth family. This problem has made a huge difference in our healing planet and how things happened on planet Earth since I was born. The wrong people stayed in control etc. There was no one with a Universe connection getting rid of the spirits and the bad people. I was so young and unable to do much about it. I was living in a denial layer and didn’t even know it.

I was always Universe connected even as a baby, but so small and tiny to do much of course. I was literally taken to a foreign and very negative place I call the California Dream. There I was made to be someone totally different as the spiritual layers were heaped upon me one at a time. I became Julia Ann Kaplan. This person was not the real me. I was entirely suppressed and unable to be who I am really am. I lived my early life that way, always in the wrong place with the wrong people.

However, even though I lived 55 years that way, eventually I was able to overcome the spiritual world enough and start purging it out more and more. I had to live through everything to understand this because no one has ever done this before. I am the first Universe Family Healer. I also believe I am the only Universe Family Healer. There can be only one it seems. I have this powerful Universe magnetic current in my body. I have always been part of the Universe but now it is so strong and powerful. And I know this will not be stopped or suppressed ever again. I am all grown up now and made it back to my homeland over 5 years ago. I was never intending to come back to Yuma and that’s the truth. I only heard bad things about it from my fake mother. She never wanted me to come back here and learn the truth but of course I did.

Gradually, one year after another went by and the spirit world that had entrenched me was made smaller and smaller. I was purging it into our Universe’s magnetic current and far away from me. I continue to purge this spirit world from me and other people. In fact, a very sweet and wonderful man I met helped me too. I was shut down from a bad marriage that finally ended and there he was, this gorgeous man trying to get my attention. Well he did it and believe me, what a change happened. I finally felt real love! He is my Universe Mate and we will be together again soon. Rey also was not raised by his birth mother. We are both healing towards our real families again. Our love affair is one for the ages as we have been healing out our spirit worlds to be together at long last.

Universe Family Healing is the only way to become a real 100% human being. All humans have a spirit world living on our human bodies without our knowledge or permission. Every single human being on planet Earth needs to get rid of their spirit world. There is nothing good about having a parasite called spirit worlds, auras, or spiritual sides living on human bodies. We all need to wake up and see that we have been invaded by this mind controlling spiritual alien species. I plan to eradicate spirits from planet Earth. That is is my one and only goal, to get rid of all the spirit worlds on planet Earth. I do this one family at a time until spirit worlds are extinct. I am the one and only person who can get rid of spirit worlds entirely. I am not a spiritual healer who just cleanses and keeps the spirits here on the planet. I get rid of the entire spirit world. I attach it to our Universe’s magnetic current and away it goes far, far away from us.

So, Universe Family Healing gets rid of spirit worlds from human bodies. It is as simple as that! As a result we finally can live as 100% real humans, and be with our Universe Mates. A Universe Mate is a human, man or woman, who is connected to our Universe’s magnetic current. We do not need the spirits to find our one and only true love. We just need a Universe connection! Spirits cannot live without a human host and the only way to get rid of this spiritual parasitic infestation is to get connected!

Contact me to get your connection with our Universe. One Universe Family Healing Session is all it takes to get your connection established. Then you just go with the flow and know automatically what you need to do. You do not need to be constantly in touch with me as you will have your own knowing to guide you. You will have a strong and powerful Universe connection and live a safe and comfortable life!




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