Our Universe is Powerful

I write things that are not written anywhere else. Only here can you read about our powerful Universe and its magnetic affect with humans. Oh we know about how it is helpful to keep our atmosphere safe, but no one else talks about its purging and merging activities and how it removes the spirit invasion from our planet. We have been silently invaded by spiritual aliens and this situation is now under the total control of our Universe. Spirits can no longer set up large expansive negative networks on human bodies and control our minds and actions.

Our scientists are only interested in exploring other planets. They are not concerned with cleaning up the spiritual problem on Earth. They have neglected to address this issue for a very long time. They have become part of the spirit problem themselves as they are way too mind-controlled to even listen to a different point of view. It’s a good thing that all Universe functions continue anyways without the approval of or interventions by the scientific community. This automatic spirit purging and merging cannot be stopped by NASA or any other government agency. It is a powerful natural phenomenon that is ongoing 24/7. This Universe activity does not require any funding from our governments either. It is simply the way things are supposed to be, natural and positive.

I am part of this Universe function. I am the human filter the Universe needs to get the job done. I am a real Universe Family Healer. Somehow, my body is connected to this huge magnetic current in the sky. I have flowing energy through my hands all the time. When I lay down it flows even faster. This is how I am able to remove spirit worlds from humans. I connect my flowing energy to the human’s spirit world and off it goes. Simple, direct, and 100% effective.

I have the power of the Universe in my hands. I mean this literally. I am not pretending about this. It is real and cannot be stopped. Thank goodness because returning this spirit invasion to our magnetic field only strengthens our Universe and allows our planet to grow younger and live. The spirits are put into our atmosphere and strengthen the ability of the magnetic current to do its job, protecting us from the sun’s radiation. So this is an extremely important thing going on here that everyone should be knowing about. But all I see is more boring news about NASA and its science fiction junk.

Sometime in our future that NASA stuff will all go away and we will not hear about travelling to Mars anymore. Our planet is perfectly suited for humans and there is nothing else to do about finding another planet to live on. We are already living on the right planet. US government, please stop spending money on outer space exploration. It is a waste of money and resources.

Now that we have this particular powerful Universe function turned on, it will never be turned off. It is essential to continue life on our planet. I am the Universe Family Healer to get this thing going. I am always going to be here to continue this purging ang merging activity. I want to connect every human’s and animal’s spirit world to our Universe. Contact me to get your connection and live a safe and comfortable life. It starts by a simple email below:


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