Making This Place As Cool As I Can, It’s Fun!

Now that I have completed those first five years here back in my homeland, I am finally starting to have fun again. I am getting everything back that I had to let go as I was going with the flow. I lived constantly on the move, purging out one living setup after another. I moved through it all and ended up back where I started or at least close to it. But this time it is my own little place for me and my kittys. I can relax here and continue to improve everything around me. That’s what happens when I arrive in a new place. These places always need my healing. Well, our Universe is definitely here right now.

So, I am having fun on Ebay, Etsy, and Amazon. I am remaking all of my Healer Wraps one at a time. I am decorating my table with a new crocheted tablecloth. I basically am doing what I always do, making my living situation as comfortable and beautiful as possible. I also got my internet situation upgraded. I am getting a new phone. It is all happening one thing after another. I cannot stop it. I am living proof that my healing modality, Universe Family Healing is real and works as I have described. I am not living a spiritual game. I am living a real life with my powerful Universe connection.

Those here who live around me all need something from me. As I automatically attach their spirit worlds to our Universe it becomes apparent what they need. I observe what is going on as usual. This living situation is much happier than the one I left. But, there is still a lot of healing that needs to happen here too. I talk about what I do and how it automatically occurs. I let it happen and participate at just the right level. It is finally a good time for me and my kittys to relax and and rest a lot! And that is what we are doing, resting because the more I am able to rest the more I am able to purge out the spirit worlds on planet Earth. I am documenting here how I am getting back everything. I mean people too, not just things and this is how it happens.

Universe Family Healing is my very own unique healing modality. I am able to interact with our Universe’s magnetic current and this allows the spirit worlds around human bodies to detach and be pulled far away. The spirit worlds are merged into our Universe’s magnetic current and taken far away from our planet Earth. Spirits have always been a problem for humans because spirits are human parasites. No one has ever been able to release the spirits into our Universe before and so we have this huge infestation of spirit worlds on our planet. My healing modality can effectively remove spirit worlds and there is no reinfestation happening. One family heals at a time until all spirit worlds are gone.

My new place is becoming really cool. I can finally display my shawls and have the privacy that I need to keep moving forward. I am here for now and enjoying everyday. I know that it is temporary and I know that I will be moving along at the right time. But for right now, everyday is new and fun. I am getting everything and everyone back. Do you hear me spirit world? It is happening before my very eyes and you cannot do anything about it.

Happy Springtime!

My Kitty Poem

Keep Kitty in at night,

Let the others have the fight.

If he fusses, then just say,

“It’s more fun when it’s day.”