Making New Friends; Moving Through The Setup

That’s what I’m doing right now. Over 2 weeks in my new location and I’m experiencing positive results every day. My kittys are adjusting as well. I see how my healing is making it happen here. All problems are easily handled. Universe Time is definitely here at my new place.

I am just adjusting to new day by day activities. This is good for me as I was stuck in that old neighborhood for over 4 years. I did my job there and attached all the spirit worlds to our Universe. The right changes are finally happening there and will not stop. I no longer needed to be there and finally moved forward. This is how I have been living, moving around gradually releasing the negativity from Yuma. I am always wanting to be closer to my family and Universe Mate and this is how I do it. I am here living in this place because it needs a lot of healing too. So be it.

I am not unhappy really, just resigned to the fact that I must do all of this to clear the way for me and my family. If I had lived in Yuma all of my life things would already be so different. That of course never happened. I was taken away from Yuma when I was 2 years old and lived with non related people. I was in CA USA for 55 years. I was not doing any healing during those times as my natural healing abilities were all suppressed. My way back home has been long and challenging. But, I did make it back to my homeland. This is proof that my healing modality works. Our Universe gradually brought me back here to live. The sunniest place on the planet, Yuma, AZ, is the right place for me. I’m really trying to have more fun now that I have my own place again.

I continue purging out the spirit worlds on planet Earth. We all have a spirit world living on our human body. This has been accomplished without our knowledge or permission. I am able to connect a human’s spirit world to our Universe’s magnetic current. Humans are being used as hosts by spirit worlds! Spirits cause everything to go wrong here on planet Earth. We should all be removing our spirits worlds immediately. This is a slow process that is in effect. I am the only Healer available to perform this function. You can have a free and easy life when you purge your spirit world and live 100% human.

I go with the flow to carefully move forward. This reinforces my safety and ensures my existence permanently. I let our Universe remove all of the spirit mess and this opens up the real world on planet Earth more and more. This is how it happens. There is no other way to heal our planet and our Universe. One day, my family and I will be reunited permanently. There is no doubt about that.