Universe Family Healing Time

I am resting now. I have lived through over five years of going with the flow here in my homeland, Yuma, AZ, USA. I did it all and finally am living in my own little place again. Now I am waiting to see what happens next. My adventurous times in Yuma are done. Maybe I can just rest and relax now after so much time spent moving around. I am currently located in another older place, a vintage place really. But this time I have my own apartment again. It is so good to have this finally. I sit here and relax without any other person interfering with my day. I need this time right now. It is just what I need.

My kitty Simba is also with me and relaxing as we adjust to a totally new and different environment. We are staying mostly inside right now as he recovers from a serious foot infection. He stays put and so do I. All I have to do is slow way down and purge out whatever is going on spiritually around me here. It is always automatic when I move into a new environment. I am doing this purging right now. I know as soon as I arrive I am already purging myself and kitty out of here. But for now it is nice and calm and comfortable. In a few more weeks that could change. I live one day to the next and enjoy this resting time.

I know that as a result of this change of living arrangements, my entire family will also be relocating to the right place as Simba and I did. That’s usually what happens. I am in the lead here and the rest follow along. I purge out the living arrangements that are not good and we all move along to a better one. This continues until we are all back together living in close proximity. This is what Universe Family Healing achieves, a gradual reuniting of the real family.

I have already seen evidence of this with my sons so I know that this is real and happening the right way. We are the first family to purge out our spirit worlds. I document this phenomenon right here on my blog because you cannot read about it anywhere else. I am the only human who has done this and so I understand what is happening by having lived through it. I write it down so others can understand it too.

I hope more people become to understand what is going on now on our planet. Not very many people have read my words but I am hoping that changes soon. I write very important things that affect our planet and our Universe. All humans should know about this amazing phenomenon called Universe Family Healing.

I describe it and I live it. It is that simple. I offer my unique healing service, Universe Family Healing, right here on my blog. This service is available to any one anywhere on planet Earth. Cell phone technology has made my healing service so easy to obtain. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to schedule your healing session. My email is below:


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