Moving Forward in March

“Looking ahead, lived through those first 2 months of the year, purged out the setups for 2021.” That’s what I’m thinking about right now. March is finally here. March is not a spiritually controlled month anymore. Whatever was supposed to happen in March is purged by our Universe. Spirits used to control every month of every year. This was how we lived unknowingly controlled by our spirit worlds. In the past our lives were pre-arranged spiritually. Most people on planet Earth are not aware of this fact. The few of us who do know are connected to our Universe’s magnetic current.

When March is finally here and opening up, I am so happy. I am far from the setups, the spiritual people, and the negative environments. Every time I move forward through a Universe Transition, I am making progress reuniting my family. This transition is a big one for me. I am now fully living on my own in my apartment! I have the privacy and space I need to continue my healing. I can stay here easily until another opportunity presents itself. I know as usual that this living arrangement is also temporary, but necessary. My hope is that I will soon, sometime this year, reunite with my Universe Mate. I am sure this happens at the right time, because he is the right man for me.

Some time into March around the middle of the month, things start getting so good. This year is especially different because I have been interacting with my Universe Mate again after so many years. I am just living one day to the next as usual. My family is the first family to purge our spirit worlds into our Universe. These powerful events have changed everything here on our planet.

Change continues non stop and uninterrupted. Only the right things are happening now. For me, there are no mistakes. The bad people are paying for their mistakes everywhere and not getting away with anything. Their spirit worlds are purging into our Universe leaving them powerless to continue. Only the right people take over and lead our planet the right way. This process never stops now that our Universe is removing spirit worlds from our planet.

Moving forward this March is what I have been patiently waiting for. 2021 is the right year to get your Universe connection going. I am the Universe Family Healer to do this for you.