Positive Changes, It Happened For Me

I am updating my current status as Universe Family Healer. I made a huge change this week by relocating to my own place. I am no longer living in someone else’s home. That situation was becoming intolerable and unsafe. I am currently in my own little efficiency apartment here in Yuma. It is working just fine. It is quite small but all of my things fit. I was also able to take 2 adorable sweet kittys with me. I had to leave a community kitty colony there where I was and I feel a bit bad too. I know that the owner won’t be feeding them as I did. I did as much as I could. I know those community kittys are healing and so I call them Universe Kittys. I hope that something good happens there as a result. It is hard to leave them like that but I simply had no choice and I asked for help but none came.

Now I am far away from that setup neighborhood where I lived for 4 long years. I feel an immense relief knowing that I did what I had to do and can leave it to move forward. I have privacy again. I have all of my things right here with me. I can crochet, listen to music, and lay outside in my lounge chair too. I can relax, heal, and be among very good people who care about animals and treat them as I do. It was not like that in that home where I left.

Today I have to collect the last bit of mail from the old neighborhood. After that I will not be back there. I don’t know when or if I ever will return. I know that I accomplished a tremendous amount of healing there and was able to observe the changes first hand. This is what I like to see, the positive results of my healing. I always observe for change. I document my changes here as Universe Family Healer.

I am continuing to monitor how Universe Family Healing is making my Yuma homeland safer and more comfortable. I am as comfortable as I have have been in a very long time. I have financial security now. Those old days are gone and never repeat. It was all purged away over these past 5 years. Prosperity and good times are all that is left. I purged out the spirit world which was stopping me from my real life here in Yuma. I can live here and continue to be Universe Family Healer. It is that simple. Yuma is the right place for me and my family.

I have a busy day ahead, but at the end of the day, I will be so happy that I did it all. I will never have regret about what I do or what has occurred. I did the best that I could wherever I was and it has made a difference. I see the positive changes there and I earned my way back to having my own little place on planet Earth. It is not a palace but it is mine. No one, no spirit world, will ever stop me from living and being who I really am, Universe Family Healer, or just Healer. There is only one. Me.