I’m Moving Soon, Universe Transition Time Again

I have documented the reality of Universe Time and Universe Transition Time. I am slowly going through another Universe Transition Time now. I have finally succeeded in finishing up all of the setups in this 100 year old neighborhood and it’s time to move on. I discuss Universe Transition Time on this web page:


Once again, Universe Time means that our Universe’s magnetic current high up in our outside atmosphere is actively removing the highly magnetic spirit words around each human’s body. This connection allows a human to live a safe and fun life, free of spiritual control. This Universe connection can never be broken. Once established it is permanent. That is so comforting to know too.

Once this Universe connection is made, we move forward, going with the flow. We live one day to the next, knowing what we must do each day. It is simple and easy with no mistakes. We start changing our behavior. We stay away from bad people and bad places, etc. This is natural and automatic and we do not question it at all. This is our Universe’s way. It is how our Universe works for any human connected. Those spiritual connections were keeping us in the wrong place with the wrong people. Once we are healing our spirit worlds into our Universe we can relax and know that nothing bad ever happens again.

So, we experience Universe Transitions Time too. This is how we relocate to our real families and our forever homes. Universe Transition Times keep us moving away from the spirit setups. We reunite with our birth families at the right time. We gradually purge out our spirit worlds that were in the way and physically we move closer to our family members. This is how it works. All family members heal together as families are always spiritually connected. One day at a time, the spirit connections get purged away and this is permanent. There is no more repeating of any spiritual anything.

I am looking forward to my next Universe Transition Time because it is so real and comfortable. I have so much time to get ready! I am going to have my own little place once again with my sweet Universe kittys and then I will watch what happens. I know that I am the in the lead here. I have to do this last move and stay put. We are almost back together, my family and I, and I am demonstrating how Universe Family Healing works. This is my own unique healing modality, real and powerful.

Universe Transition Time is not a negative spirit game. Our Universe moves us around to the best place and people for the time, by removing the spirits in our way. We move forward and enjoy where we are knowing it is only temporary until we are back with our families. At that time, when we reunite with our real families, our Universe Transitions are over and we just live together. This is a first for humans on planet Earth. Family by family heals and we find our Universe Mates. Our planet lives and survives so life continues. This natural phenomenon is real and happening everyday.