Reality is Taking Control of February

The early part of every year has always been controlled by our spirit worlds. We did not know this was happening. There was no way to know this. Spirit worlds lived upon our bodies as parasites, silently and secretively. We had no way of knowing this was going on. Humans have always been under spiritual control without our knowledge or permission. When the Julian calendar took effect in 45 BC the months of January and February were added by Julius Caesar. This addition allowed a huge growth in the spiritual control of planet Earth. Spirits had more time to set up their worlds and expand themselves. Spirits always relied on a human calender to create their scenarios. These yearly setups were always fabricated in the first 2 months of each year.

Now, these two months are not under spiritual control. We are living in Universe Time which means our Universe is actively removing spirit worlds from human bodies. This is how our Universe is supposed to work. Unfortunately, this important activity was turned off for a very long time and humans forgot all about it. Humans became highly spiritual as a result. Our planet became negative and was dying. No one was purging the spirits into our Universe! The healers of the past were not connecting themselves to our Universe. So the spirits remained here on the planet.

Well that is just the unfortunate history of our past. Now we are living again. The dying time is over. Spirits are parasites and can only exist in a precise setup on a human body. Once the Universe current disrupts their set up environment they are purged. Spirits are highly magnetic and as a result are taken into the magnetic current of our Universe. This is the only way we get rid of spirits totally.

Now a real human is here to make this connection real. That human is me. I know that every year I will be actively purging out the spirit setups for that year in January and February. These 2 months always tend to be highly toxic and negative and now I understand why. But as I naturally am involved in this purging process, the rest of the year settles down and fun times can begin again.

Reality is the result of purging out the spirit worlds. We are all humans here on planet Earth. We all want safe and healthy lives and lots of fun too with family and friends. This is how it happens, family by family as we purge out spirit worlds and become completely human. It does feel good. It is the way humans are supposed to live. January and February become more real every year. Universe Family Healing is doing the job here and I am the Universe Family Healer actively involved with the purging process. It is unstoppable now.