Healing The Animals Is What I Can Do

Universe Family Healing is a very specialized and unique healing modality. I have explained what I do and how it works for humans. However, I want to emphasize something here. It is not just humans who became infested with spirit worlds. Our animal friends unknowingly also became involved and need healing too. I already knew that I could heal away the spirit worlds of pets. I proved this to myself with my kitty pets from the past. I have also worked with dogs and have had good results.

Now I have seen positive changes in the community cats on the property where I currently live. I have been feeding these animals for over 6 months now. It has taken that long for the results I see. I know things are going the right way and will get even better. A gradual removal of the animal spirit world is happening. It is so clear to see this happening right before my very eyes! I was finally able to adopt out 2 other kittys from this property 2 days ago. It was quick this time and went very well. These actions are showing me our Universe is in control placing these sweet little animals in their forever homes with the right people.

Yesterday I noted the dramatic change in one of the community cats. She began playing with me! I was laying down outside on my zero gravity lounge chair and suddenly felt this tugging on my shoe. It was one of those community cats! I then offered her my hand and she began licking, nibbling, and pawing at it. What an amazing change. It seems that as those other 2 cats left to their new families, this affected the behavior of the community cats.

It is very apparent that real healing is at work here. I am pleased to see this! Universally speaking, all good things happen at the right time. This is also proof that each animal spirit world is connected from one animal to another. A spirit world broken down by some real activity, i.e. adoption, causes that animal spirit world to end. All spirit worlds, human or animal, depend on being connected and intact. That is the only way spirit worlds can exist. I hope this is easy to understand.

I know this is a sign that other things are going the right way too. I know that there is going to be more interaction between me and my family members soon. I feel this is all related somehow with the animal spirit worlds too and will watch for further changes. I will document anything I see here on my blog, for this is all new and exciting stuff! I have to take care of our animals on planet Earth or they will become extinct, either by eating them or over spaying and neutering them. Universe Family Healing makes sure that nothing goes wrong with humans and animals. We both are needed on our planet. I have proven that I can heal the animals and nothing will ever prevent this from continuing the right way with the right people at the right time.