Purging Coronavirus: Its Just Another Spirit World

I realized this recently. The spirits moving through me were saying COVID. What? Yes they were saying it over and over. But it was just moving through. I realize now I am purging coronavirus. This is so cool. I am getting rid of the pandemic.

I guess the worst is over. Now I just lay quietly as this huge spirit mess called COVID 19 is being removed from planet Earth. It is just a massive spirit world that infested our planet. But apparently it can be purged by our Universe completely. Not sure how long this takes but I am certain it will happen.

I had to make a quick note here to document the purge. It is significant and real. It is going to eradicate this pandemic forever. I am making sure I post about it today. I want people to know the truth about this pandemic. The truth is here. It is going away because our Universe is making it extinct.

Spirit worlds created it, consumed it and infiltrated human bodies just waiting for the right time to become active. Of course this is the right time to get rid of it. Universe Time is removing all spirit worlds from planet Earth. Universe Time is clearing this spirit infestation forever. This pandemic is spiritually induced and therefore it is totally purged by our Universe. We are safe once again!