What Am I Doing? I am Purging Out The Spirit World

I doubt if anyone has ever said that before. Otherwise there would not be a spirit world around today. It would have already been destroyed. Unfortunately that never happened! No one, not even one single human being ever thought to do this in the entire history of humankind. Not one! That is so hard to believe, to comprehend. No one thought it was important to get rid of spirits.

Instead, humans accepted spirits as necessary and allowed spirits to be part of their human bodies. This is totally gross and disgusting ofcourse, but it is also the truth. The chakras were always highly spiritual parts of the human body, put there by a spirit world. Cleansing the chakras was accepted as normal. No one thought to actually get rid of the chakras. Those chakras are spirit parasite locations on human bodies. Spiritual healers were all that existed, cleansing the chakras endlessly. What an incredible joke that was.

Who was getting rid of the spirits? No one. Psychics used the spirit worlds to tell people what was going on and made a lot of money doing that. Psychics are not good people because they relied on spirits for profit and gain, making money on the destruction of the human race. Psychics are part of the spirit world that is now being destroyed. Psychics had their time and it is over forever.

Now, I am here. I am not a part of the spirit world. I am part of the Universe. My abilities are unlike other healers. I have a flowing magnetic current at my disposal and I use it to get rid of spirit worlds. It’s very simple and easy for me. I am like this naturally of course. No one else can do what I do. I destroy spirit worlds. It is final and permanent. There is no cleansing or playing games with me. I end the spirit worlds around humans. I am Universe Family Healer, or just Healer. I am the Healer of our Universe. There can only be one.

The spirit words can do nothing to me. I am not being pulled down by a spirit world. It simple moves through me quickly and easily and into our Universe’s magnetic current. Now, no scientist will ever talk about me or what I do. They are all so immersed in their own spirit worlds and cannot see the reality of who I am and what I do. We cannot rely on scientists to save our planet. It will never happen. Only by this constant spirit world removal process will our planet survive and live on and on.

And that is why I am purging spirit worlds. Our planet of humans became infested with spirits so very long ago. This spirit infestation was not being addressed by anyone. Spirit worlds cause living planets of humans to die! Planet Earth is the only planet of humans left. Therefore we have to eradicate this spiritual infestation completely from our planet. Our Universe loves spirits worlds and consumes them easily. However a human is needed to connect these spirits worlds into it. That is my job. I work with our Universe to remove these spirit worlds from human bodies. Our Universe does this automatically as long as there is a real human Healer working with it.

Now you can say I am a phony or try to discredit me. Go right ahead. It will not work. I am real and powerful now and I am so protected by our Universe. I am only to be with my family and live here on the planet safely and comfortably. I am ensuring that human life continues. Over time all of the liars and criminals will die and their spirit worlds purge too. That is how we become a living planet of good humans. That is the only way. For now, I am here serving the humans of our planet Earth. I am not going away. But all of the bad people surely will. There is no doubt about that.