Things Are Changing Here: We Are Moving Forward!

I am so happy to report some positive changes here in the household where I am currently living. The men are becoming re-employed! This is definitely a real sign that our Universe is in control here for all healers on planet Earth. Re-employment in December is always a good thing. I am so happy to actually witness our Universe making this happen. I am watching what happens next. The employment location is 2 hours away so this may mean a temporary change of living address for these men. Right now they are driving back and forth. I am hoping the right thing happens. I continue to live here right now as I am doing just fine. I can be the caretaker of this home for awhile, if need be. That seems to be what may happen. No more of these guys sitting around all day drinking beer and watching TV. Those days are in the past now, thank goodness!

I continue to be self-employed. I have no desire to go back into the working world where I was for 45 years. It was not a good place for me personally. The last few jobs I held became highly toxic and unsafe. I am happy to be working solely at home now as Universe Family Healer. I provide my healing sessions by phone or online. It suits me just fine. I am finally just being me. No supervisors or toxic work environments will ever be around me again.

Of course this is a powerful change here. I am feeling so free! It is wonderful to have more privacy again. I can do as I please. I can relax. Things around me are still changing. I will go with the flow and see what else happens now. It is a very simple and easy time for me, so much better than last year. Then, I was living in a highly toxic place I called Hell House. I was not safe there. Here I am safe. I will continue feeding the kittys and take care of myself and my family. I will be outside in the beautiful sunshine purging spirit worlds most of the time. I am doing what I have to do to get rid of the spirit world.

I am always promoting my healing service, Universe Family Healing. It is always the right time to connect your spirit world to our Universe. This is my very own healing specialty. No other healer anywhere can do this for you! The positive changes happening here are the direct result of me living here and removing the spirit worlds of these men. Now they are all able to move forward and work in a very good place. It is a happy time for this household. You can reach me by email to schedule your healing session: