Feeling So Good, Sunny Days Are Here

Wow, it’s finally December. And it’s beautiful here. The temperature is 77 degrees with full sun and a light breeze. I’m laying outside connecting spirit worlds to our Universe. The purging is strong. Absolutely nothing is going wrong.

I’ve been replacing what was taken from me. I’m replacing what is old and worn out. This feels so good. A new tablet with lots of storage for all of my games! A new computer case for my chromebook! It’s so much fun to do this. Finally fun is returning.

Having the sunshine here in December is so cool. I forget about everything out in the sun. I am in and of the sun all day. So much good work here. I work totally at home now. I discarded that old black leather portfolio I’ve had for so many years. I used it for many meetings and interviews. It felt good to toss it away.

No more meetings. No more interviews. I am at home. I work from home. I live at home. I am safe at home. But I am missing my closet. I really need my closet again. Somehow this comes back to me too. Everything is coming back to me. I am due all of these things. And more. Everyone is coming back to me too. I just have to wait a little bit longer. It is happening.

My traveling days are over. I am ready to empty my suitcase and hang up my clothes. My suitcase has the word Embark on it. I bought it when I was in graduate school over 15 years ago. It has given me many years of service. But it’s time to retire my suitcase for good.

The year is ending once again. I have made more progress in my work. I am actively working at home now and it’s very successful. I am no longer providing Home Visits for Healing, but can certainly provide Universe Family Healing sessions by phone. This is so much fun for me! There has been so much success for me this year. I am really here in my homeland living my life as I should.

I will document December and see what else happens before year’s end. Universe Time is in full swing for me, my family, and clients. We are making huge changes on our planet. The fun times are starting right now. These fun times are the direct result of purging our spirit worlds.

Once a spirit world is purged (i.e. pulled) away from a human body, automatic positive changes happen. The good news is that purging spirits via Universe Family Healing is a permanent process. There is no reoccurring spirit world time. Once purged, the spirit world is gone forever! It can never return. Our Universe swallows it up and moves it far away from our planet Earth.

It’s always the right time to purge your spirit world. My healing is so powerful now. All types of medical issues simply disappear. Mental health problems are automatically purged. Relationships, marriages etc. are saved! In fact, once we purge away our spirit worlds, we are automatically reunited with our Universe Mates.

Alright, so I know there’s a lot of problems right now on our planet. Make them go away with a Universe connection. It’s so easy to get this done.