My Life is Full Of Wonder But I Miss My Family

I really do miss my family. I have been on my own here in Yuma for almost 5 years. When am I going to see my family again? I ask the Universe this question but of course there is no answer. Our Universe cannot answer any questions. There is no god in the Universe, no higher being or anything like that. Still I say it because I don’t know what else to do. No one knows the answer. I never thought I would be on my own here in Yuma for 5 years. I never realized that this is what the Universe does to purge the spirit word inhibiting family reunion.

I hope that someday soon, I will hear from my son, the one who came here to Yuma with me. His name is Brandon. I have not heard from Brandon for a very long time. I hope he contacts me soon. I am hoping I see him too. My other 2 sons are still living their lives in Northern CA. I am not sure if they will ever come here to Yuma, but I certainly hope so.

I am continuing to purge this spirit world into our Universe. I am hoping that as a result these family members will come to me. That is what is supposed to happen. I am not supposed to go back to CA ever again. I do not want to go there. I spent over 55 years in CA. I am done with CA. Yuma, AZ is my birthplace, my homeland. CA is not the right place for me at all.

I can’t stop now. The end of 2020 is very close. I have always said my birth family is here in Yuma, AZ. I have always said I was not raised by my birth family. I have always said I was lied to throughout my life. I came to realize the truth on my own. No one told me. I figured it out. I did not talk to anyone else to confirm this information. I just knew. Now my youngest son understands because he did talk to a Kaplan family member. Now apparently he gets what I have been saying all along. So be it.

I know what a real family bond feels like. I am a real mother. I am certain that someday, I will see my birth mother again, my birth father, my birth siblings, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, and cousins. I am going to get back what was taken from me when I was a very little baby. I am not stopping because I can’t. Our Universe is in total control and is taking care of this for me. It is called Universe Family Healing and it really works.