All I Want To Do Is Be Outside In The Sun

In Yuma, AZ the sun is here in December. I feel a pulling towards it. A December sun is very powerful for me. I hear the spirits saying all kinds of things. They are always surprised when they are moving. Spirits are used to being stuck in a set up around human bodies. When they arrive here with me, it means they are out of their usual environment and merging with the Universe. It is especially important for me to be in a warm climate at the end of a year.

My purging with the sun in December totally ends a lot of negative spirit setups trying to play out. Spiritual Time is over. The end of our calendar year and into the new year used to be very negative for me but not anymore. I have a zero gravity lounge chair and I use it daily. In fact, this is a normal activity now. It was very difficult over the past 5 years to actually lay down outside! Not anymore.

I have a sun connection. I lay down outside. I purge the spirit worlds. It’s my job. The current flows through my hands and feet. It feels gritty. It is moving fast. Amazing.

I have full control of this now. I am home, living in my homeland where the climate is just right for me. I have the sun. I work together with the sun and our Universe. I have no coworkers or bosses. It’s just me being me. Wonderful!

I am a Universe Family Healer. I remove spirit worlds from human bodies. That is my healing specialty. I feel I am the most powerful Healer alive today. My healing can make the impossible easy.

Expect changes. A spirit world is a huge parasite which is covering up the real you. Changes are normal. Spirits are no longer controlling your thoughts and actions. Spirits are not making your life miserable anymore. You have full control and become 100% human. Universe Family Healing connects your spirit world to our Universe and away it goes forever.

The sun in December is so important. I am outside enjoying it every single day now. That’s where I am. Doing my job. Purging one spirit world at a time.