My Life is So Wonderful

I am so fortunate to be alive. I am so happy these days. Everyday I wake up up and feed the beautiful kittys living here. They are just gorgeous little creatures. I watch them eat hungrily and know I am helping them survive. They are surviving and they are also healing. Wherever I am, I am always healing the living creatures, human and animal.

I stopped eating animals and animal products. It was automatic as a result of my powerful Universe connection. I have lost weight and continue doing so. Apparently, it is the real human way of living. I never tried to do this on my own. It happened naturally for me. I am sure this result is the same for anyone who connects their spirit world to our Universe.

Humans have never had a time like this before. We have always been under spiritual control and lived a spiritual life without our knowledge. These alien spiritual parasites mind-controlled us to do the wrong things. We never really had a chance to be 100% human without these intruders clinging to our bodies and minds.

In the past, there was never a way to dispose of this spiritual parasite infestation. In fact, this infestation was always there, unnoticed and growing slowly larger for the ages. No healers of the past were doing anything about it. No medical treatments are currently available to get rid of it either. In fact, our medical profession is a product of this spiritual invasion. Medical conditions are quickly purged with a Universe connection.

Only our Universe is capable of pulling away and merging this spiritual energy into our Universe’s atmosphere and safely away from our planet. Humans are now able to get rid of their spirit worlds completely. It is a gradual phenomenon but always in the right direction. We begin living one day to the next as we watch the positive changes occur.

There is always a little toxic time when Universe healing commences. This is quite normal and just means the spirit world is disintegrating finally. Living through the toxic time is easy though. Nothing bad happens as we go with the flow and know that good times are just ahead for all family members. My healing technique is actually a family healing modality.

One Universe connection is all that is needed to heal the entire family. Of course this makes sense because family members are all connected to each by their spirit worlds. Universe Family Healing is highly effective because of this spirit arrangement. It just took the right person, the right Healer to get the job done.

I am the right healer, a Universe Family Healer. I get the job done. My purpose here on planet Earth is to connect spirit worlds to our Universe. In our outside atmosphere is a highly magnetic current that automatically pulls spirit worlds away from us, as long as there is a real human Healer available as an intermediary. I assist the Universe here. The current flows through my hands, feet, and body.

Spiritual energy is highly magnetic because it contains magnetic minerals like magnetite. I assist the Universe in this purging action because this allows humans to live. Good humans can now control everything when we have a Universe connection. The negative people on the planet are not in control anymore. They are in the background and not doing anything.

The positive people are the ones who have the power and make the right decisions to enhance our planet. This is why we see the changes happening today. Only the right things happen during Universe Time, the time when our Universe purges spirit worlds.

I know this is a lot to understand in one reading. I have so many pages of blog posts about what I do. They are all available for free reading here on my website. But, this is only the start. Reading my words does not ensure you are connected to our Universe. That only happens with a Universe Family Healing session. I am the only human providing this.

My healing practice cannot be replicated by anyone else. There are no classes in Universe Family Healing. If someone is trying to do this they are going to be purged out by our Universe. Believe me, it is that easy. They cannot try to be me. There is only one me. I am so happy that I can do this for all the good people on planet Earth.