Leaving the Spirit World on its Own

I had to leave Facebook and Messenger yesterday. I was there for awhile this year to interact with my Universe Mate. I know I had to do it, but I also know that I had to leave. I was there to help him and also to share my life with him. I wanted him to know who I really was and be a friend during his healing time. I also know I had to leave him on his own as he changes and grows up again the right way.

This was not hard for me to do. I know we will be together someday at the right time. We all have to heal on our own to release our individual spirit world and that’s what he’s doing right now. I am still helping this sweet man purge it out but right now we cannot be together because he is not ready for me. That’s OK, I understand how this works.

Our Universe is not a person or spirit. It is just a magnetic current that is high up there in our atmosphere. Knowing this helps a lot. There is no playing favorites. All humans heal the same way into our Universe. All spirit worlds purge the same way too. It is a day by day occurrence, but always in the right direction. There are no shortcuts either. But the results are always 100% accurate and effective at removing a spirit world. Once purged, a spirit world pulled from a human body cannot recycle and return to another human body. This makes me so happy!

So, although my conversations with him were fun, I am on my own again into the rest of this year, knowing that I am in the right place and doing just fine and so is he. I am still actively purging out spirit words one day at a time. I am the one and only Universe Family Healer to do this and I always will be doing this. I am the right person to contact about real healing and removing spirit worlds. Do not hesitate to email me. I am very quick to respond and on call 24/7. Just go on and do it. Don’t wait any longer. This should have been available ages ago, but now it is really happening.

I leave his spirit world on Facebook and Twitter but know that I am still connected. I know that I am doing the right thing. I do not make a mistake. There are no mistakes with Universe Family Healing. There are no worries either. One day we will all be at the right place, right time with the right people and our planet Earth will be real and young and so will we.