Reality is Breaking Through Finally

Reality is taking control. Most people aren’t aware that we as a human race have been under the control of a spiritual blanket for the ages! This spiritual control was always silent and invisible but very real. It was real and threatening our very existence. Spirituality became well known and accepted as normal. Soulmate searching was widely done. We all wanted our soulmates. I lived through a time of intense spirituality. I was not aware that I was also purging it out into our Universe, but I was.

I was under a huge layer of spirit worlds all controlling my every move. Early on I lived a spiritual life with a fake family. These family members were not related to me by birth. My real family was always here in Yuma, AZ, USA, and most real family members were not even aware of my existence. These negative criminals planned my removal from my birth family and made my birth mom act like I died.

I was born a second time into this fake family, all liars and criminals. It was not done legally, but they got away with it anyway. I had their spirit worlds on me for years. I am free of them now and understand totally what happened to me when I was just an infant. I understand they took me away illegally, and by force. I was not allowed to live a real life with my birth family!

Years went by. Reality slowly emerged for me. I was married with 3 sons. I felt the difference. My Universe connection was always with me. Now I was able to use it with great strength. I removed me and my sons from the clutches of those evil people. I divorced and left that devil I was married to for 24 years.

I have not spoken to any of those fake family families for several years. I assume I never will again. Instead, I returned to Yuma almost 5 years ago after living most of my life in CA. I felt the warmth of the sun here and knew it as the right place for me, the only place for a Healer like me to live.

I always said I was not raised by my real birth family. I did not have any proof such as a adoption records but I just knew. I could tell the difference easily. I have my sons. I know what a family love connection feels like. It was never like that in the Kaplan family. I was not related to those people. It is over, the lie is over. It is out in the open now. I am the one who told the truth and never relented. I am not stopping until the truth is accepted easily and I am back in the warmth of my birth family.

Reality is here for me. It took several years of Universe Family Healing to get to this day. I am going to have the most fun ever being with them. It is happening for me. The truth that I have been saying, that my real family is in Yuma where I was born, is being accepted more and more. My knowing is the reality that I have achieved.

Universe Family Healing has allowed this to happen. Without a Universe connection and my sons, I would never have realized that I was not in the right place with the right people. That is all changed of course. I created Universe Time because it is the only way to reunite with my family. It is real and powerful and I can do this now for other people who were separated at birth like me. The secrets are exposed, the spirit worlds are purged, and reality is all that remains.