Planet Earth Is Becoming Real

Not many people are aware of the presence of Universe Time which is in control right now purging out spirit worlds around our planet. Nothing can stop this amazing and totally natural phenomenon either. In fact, this is exactly how our Universe should be working. Our Universe was just closed down I guess. There were no other Healers connecting spirit worlds into our Universe’s magnetic current. I am the First Healer to get this done. Obviously I am the first because the spirits would already have been eliminated. So I am the first one to have this connection. That is all I do these days now. I lived a very spiritually controlled life, but that is in my past now and will never repeat.

Universe Time means that our Universe’s magnetic current is actively pulling spirit worlds that are around human bodies into itself. I assist here as I am the human component that allows this spiritual matter to move through my hands. I hear the spirits as they exit our planet and move southeast high in our upper atmosphere.

It is quite extraordinary really. But I am real and not some gimmick like so many spiritual healers are these days. All of that spiritual healing is a sham. There is nothing good about Reiki healing or therapeutic touch. It is all spiritual and unsuccessful. It is just a spiritual game and not real healing.

I hear more and more Universe talk like “moving forward’. This is a real Universe term. I am hearing it everywhere as we all move forward through the haze of the spirit worlds and into our human reality. We always had reality, but reality was just covered up by this spiritual mess. Our Universe loves spirit worlds! It grabs spiritual energy from humans and takes it away very quickly. All that’s left is reality, our beautiful planet Earth, the planet where humans live.

Universe Family Healing ensures that these spirit worlds are removed. Real human living returns. Human emotions and feelings are available again. Human knowing becomes strong and powerful. No mistakes are ever made because these spirit worlds, these alien parasites are cleared away and cannot come back to our planet.

This parasite infestation had been left unchecked. Not anymore. No more will spirit worlds control human minds, thoughts, and behaviors and make our lives miserable. Now, the spirit worlds are leaving through a powerful healing method called purging and this means forever. I mean forever. This is the end of the Spiritual Age here on Earth.

Planet Earth is finally becoming real. The right people are back in control making the right decisions at the right time. Thank goodness we are living right now! What a time is just ahead of us. As the pandemic ends, real living takes off, without spiritual activities in control. Our Universe did this for us and I am making it clear right now, Universe Time will be all that there is now and forever. There will never be anything else. Human life continues without spirit worlds! We have won the battle with the spirits. They are defeated as reality takes control.