Moving Forward With Simba

I am a pet owner again! I thought this would never happen with me. I began living an animal free lifestyle a few years ago. This included having no pets. I stopped eating anything from animals. I guess its called vegan to some, but to me its just animal free. I eat only plant based food now.

I have adjusted to this lifestyle change with ease. It happened naturally at the right time and is not a spirit set-up. It is not spiritual at all. This lifestyle is the result of my healing and purging spirit worlds into our Universe’s magnetic current. I believe that this is how it works for anyone who heals into our Universe. I am simply documenting this as I am the first one to go this far.

So here I am a pet owner again. (However I continue to eat plant-based food only). I now have a kitty named Simba. I am taking care of him. I take him to the vet to get his health needs addressed. I feed him regularly and make sure he is inside every night.

I am also in charge of feeding all of the kittys here where I live. There are several. I hope that by providing food and water daily to this clowder of cats, the right thing will happen here. I want these kittys to be taken care of by responsible people. I hope that each kitty will be adopted out soon. Some are rather wild though. I am watching to see if any changes occur here.

Yesterday I took Simba back to the vet for his last kitten booster shot. Although he is 1 year old he never was vaccinated. So now he is done and I am so happy and relieved. I am moving forward with Simba and helping out this animal situation here where I live. I have the means to do this now.

It is unfortunate that due to circumstances as they are, our local animal human society, The Humane Society of Yuma (HSOY), is not open for any low cost spaying, neutering, or vaccinations right now. Apparently HSOY does not have a veterinarian on staff right now. In fact, there was only 1 veterinary hospital in the entire Yuma area who was still taking new clients. I went to the Foothills Animal Hospital to get this all done for Simba. We certainly need to attract more animal doctors here to Yuma. There are a lot of unmet pet health needs right now.

Today, I am so happy. I am relaxing. It is a very good day for me and my family. Nothing is going the wrong way. I am amazed that I am with Simba but he was the kitty who stayed with me throughout my lonely time at Healer Camp this past summer. Every night he was there with me. I would feed him and any other kittys that showed up. But he was like a little guard for me. I have a strong healing bond with him now. Cats do heal very well and are so intuitive and intelligent.

I am here to help you with your pet concerns. I can improve any animal’s quality of life just by connecting spirit worlds to our Universe. This allows only the right things to happen. I take care of the precious animals on our planet this way. Spirit worlds are built up around animals too. Not many people are aware of this but I most certainly am. I instantly break up a negative cycle which has set up with animals no matter where I am. I am pleased to see the changes here where I live right now. I am involved and making things happen in the right direction.

Universe Family Healing sessions are powerful change agents which effectively get rid of the spirit world that is controlling things. Contact me by email. I am just waiting for your email to schedule your healing session. I am almost always available these days as I work from home. I can most probably talk with you right away so don’t hesitate to contact me. I am no longer doing home visits due to the pandemic situation, but am still actively providing Universe Family Healing phone sessions for anyone anywhere on our planet.