One More Un-Birthday

Yes, I’m living through another fake birthday today. I am so hoping that no one remembers this day and says Happy Birthday to me. It is not my real birthday, so I want this day forgotten as my birthday holiday. It is not important to me at all. It needs to be a part of my fake past. I am not sure when my real birthday is, but I am sure of one thing, it is not November 9th. I am positive about that.

Many years ago, I was born sometime in the year 1958. I was not allowed to stay with my birth family. I was taken by a doctor couple who wanted a daughter instantly. I was not adopted by conventional means either. There is no record of this anywhere here in Arizona. It was all done by sleazy lawyers and corrupt people. The woman faked the pregnancy. I mean faked it. She wore a fake pregnancy belly. She entered the hospital to “give birth”. They announced it in the local newspaper. But, she was not my real mother at all. The fake father, Charles Kaplan was a local pediatrician who had help pulling off this farce.

My real birth mother was very young. Somehow these bad people, a pediatrician and his nurse wife found me. Probably as a new patient, I assume. They tried to make my mother feel unfit. My mother was pushed into this whole thing. She had to pretend I died! That’s the way it was in Yuma, AZ in 1958.

This fake mother’s birthday is November 11. How convenient for the spirit world to try and make me like her. It never worked though. That fake evil mother was nothing like me ever. I mean, she would fix dishwashers and washing machines. I would cook, bake, sew, knit, crochet, and latch hook. We were completely opposite. The spirit world was unsuccessful in creating me to be like her. I was never the “Scorpio” she was.

Thank goodness I was able to have children of my own. Thank goodness I gave birth to 3 wonderful sweet handsome little boys. They are all grown up now and doing just fine. I can instantly tell the difference. I know what a real family bond feels like. I have this family love bond with my sons. I do not have any feelings for that old witch Bette Kaplan, my so-called mother. I also am not connected to those 3 so-called siblings I grew up with. We were a very fake family, unreal, highly spiritual, and totally negative.

I continue to post about this horrible activity that took place in my past. I was not able to live with my real family here in Yuma, AZ. I was taken away to CA and put into the California Dream. I was too young to know the difference. I was always Universe Family Healer, or just Healer. I just never knew it. I never felt like I fit in anywhere really and never understood why either. Now I understand everything. Now, at 62 years of age I am calling out those nasty, negative, creepy people who did this to me and my family. Fortunately most of them are dead and/or dying. And I am back here in my homeland making changes and seeing the results of my powerful healing.

I know I will learn when my real birthday is someday. Until then I continue to purge all of the spirit worlds around me and help my real family heal. I know it is working because nothing bad is happening. Our planet is healing too and the right people are taking control so everything moves forward into Universe Time. As a result I will reunite with my birth family and live close to them once again. I am getting everything back that was stolen from me. I am doing this because I am the one and only Healer who created Universe Time. Otherwise I never would have known anything and would have been consumed into the negative world of the spirits.

This is a very happy ending because the spirits worlds are all purging now everywhere. I wanted my real family so much that I made this work and now the Universe is working/healing as a result. Universe Family Healing is the most powerful natural healing phenomenon that exists. I am here documenting it. And it because I am so well connected to my real birth family that I lost so long ago. That is why this is happening the right way.

The spirit worlds could not stop my birth family from loving me! We will all be together again and heal the Universe forever. Nothing bad happens ever again. Children will never be separated from their birth parents. And this is all that happened so many years ago for babies of young unmarried couples. That time is over and will not repeat ever again. I can guarantee it.