Spirits Are Really Dying

All of the spirit worlds around me are decaying. They are not able to do anything anymore. They are so done. Spirits are tiny alien parasites that somehow infiltrated our planet Earth, the only planet where humans exist. Spirit worlds grew and expanded quietly in enormous amounts around every human body, causing humans to die and then silently merged themselves around other living humans. No one ever purged these parasites into our Universe! It never happened before or they would already be gone.

Spirit parasites are finally purging their alien setups into our real atmosphere, which is deadly for them. This is happening because I am here doing it. I am Julia Angel, Universe Family Healer. This is my one and only job; my sole purpose for being here. I purge and merge spirit worlds into our Universe’s magnetic current. It is completely natural and automatic for me. It is so simple and easy for me. As a result nothing is going wrong!

My powerful and real healing ability is making our planet alive and safe. Everywhere on planet Earth these spirit worlds are purging now. It is the new normal. It is as it should be, as it should have been from the beginning. These aliens should never have been allowed to remain here on human bodies. They certainly should not have been played with as in spirituality, but that unfortunately is what happened. Humans do not require a spiritual nature, spiritual side or soul. These are all spiritual setups on our human body and they are quite deadly if left intact.

So, what happens now is the spirits die and humans live. It’s that simple. But in order for this to happen you have to have a Universe connection intact and working properly. That is where I come in. I am the one to make this Universe connection real for you. Do not go to anyone else. I am the only one with this Universe connection. I assure you. All of the other so-called healers are fake and highly spiritual. Paying them for healing services only makes you a target for the spirit games located within that fake healer’s spirit world. Stay far away from them and contact me: