Spirit Worlds are Broken and Purging!

Our Universe is real and working! Spirit worlds set up around human bodies are broken and purging into our Universe’s magnetic field. Every human being has a spirit world living on him or her. Most people are not aware or concerned about this. The truth is that spirits are parasites! This is an easy way to understand what is happening. I describe this reality in simple terms. I also make sure the truth is explained so everyone can understand.

Once a spirit world is broken it easily purges and merges with the magnet in our atmosphere. This is real science. Spirit worlds are expansive lengths of spirits set up in an alien environment, comprised of magnetite and other minerals, that allows them to exist. When spirit worlds purge they are no longer intact and functioning as they did. Spirit worlds create set ups that are games played out between human beings. Spirit set ups are highly negative controlling activities, and definitely not human.

Spirit games have been in control of planet Earth for a long, long time. This is because spirits do not have any way of purging or ending themselves. They proliferate until they are magnetically connected and pulled away from human bodies by our Universe.

I am able to move these spirit worlds into our Universe. I am the human with a powerful Universe connection. Spirits are always moving through my body as they leave on their Universe journeys. Spirits move southeast into this current and are gone forever. I am the only human who has experienced this amazing phenomenon. I document this regularly here on my blog. I keep current and know that everything is going the right way. I am able to connect any human’s spirit world to our Universe, anywhere on planet Earth.

This is my job. I used to be a professional nurse but that was a fake spiritual life, covering up the real me. I have always had this amazing and powerful healing ability. I am the most powerful Healer ever to have lived in human history. My healing abilities are totally natural and my own creation.

I can help you! Connect your spirit world to our Universe and start living your real life. I am the one to do this. It’s the right time. It’s the right place and I’m the right person. Get involved in Universe Time and live a Universe life. Get rid of the spirits and finally be free.

My healing modality, Universe Family Healing, is an automatic family healing technique. Your entire family heals. This is wonderful and allows birth families to really live closer together instead of being so far apart. Spirit worlds are the reason family members live apart and thus rely on social media to stay in touch. Once spirit worlds are purged, family members reunite.