Humans Are Winning, Spirits Are Losing

After all this time, throughout the setups, moves, and transitions, I am seeing reality take control. I know we are going to survive the spirit invasion. Most humans don’t know about it, but fortunately the few that do are making it happen.

Once the Universe connection was made, I kept going. The Universe was with me at a very young age. I was born in Yuma, AZ. Yuma is in the desert southwest of the USA, a very sunny, warm place, a perfect place for me. I was always Universe Family Healer. Even when I was stolen from my birth family and taken to CA, I stayed connected. However, I was too young to know or understand. I simply went with the flow.

It was much later that I figured it out. I had to have a family of my own to understand what a real family felt like. I gave birth to 3 sons. I felt the difference. My healing was strong and I began to have a powerful knowing as a result. I figured this out on my own. I know how things happened here in Yuma in 1958. Babies were stolen from young mothers during those years. It was considered normal to do that. It was not a crime. This inhumane practice continued for many years. It was worldwide and many infants were automatically separated from their birth parents.

I lived a spiritual existence in CA. The spirit layers compounded on me as I gathered them up wherever I was. I still never knew anything. I was lied to about everything. I was raised in a fake family. I was not aware of this because I was so young. It was always covered up, a big lie. There were 4 children in this fake family, and none of us were related at all.

My powerful healing ability took years to come through fully. I am at full strength now. The spirits are losing. Spirits are purging into our Universe. Spirits are human parasites. Spirits require human hosts to exist. Spirits were the reason for my separation from my birth family. Spirits were my enemy. I had to defeat spirits in order to live. I have done that. Now, I am here to help others heal as I have done. That is my purpose here on planet Earth. That is my only purpose. I am Universe Family Healer. I was born this way. I heal humans, our planet, and our Universe.

More humans must understand this spirit invasion and receive healing. More humans must connect their spirit worlds to our Universe. This must become common knowledge. It is the only way to get rid of spirits. Universe Family Healing is very accurate. There are no mistakes here. The spirit barriers are removed allowing a real life to emerge. Reality is already there, just covered up by these spirit parasites.

Please, read my words then contact me. It’s the right thing to do now. Pass the word around. Do your part to heal and save our beautiful planet Earth. We want the right people in control who make the right decisions and this is the right time. Get connected!