Healer Camp is Shutting Down

This is real. I am finally getting to the time when I leave Healer Camp. There are changes here around me. I am seeing the changes and feel the pulling to another location. I have lived outside in the camp for over 2 months. That means I have been sleeping outside for that amount of time. It feels good to do this here in Yuma in the summer.

I remember suffering through summer nights inside without using air conditioning. I don’t want to experience that ever again. Wherever I go I will continue to sleep outside but it will be in a very safe and hidden location. Healer Camp was fairly safe but not hidden. I was always in full view of anyone who passed by. That time is ending thank goodness.

Money is finally flowing my way again. Money is a necessary tool right now as that is how our planet grew up. Money allows things to happen and that is why I can get myself out of this camp and return to normal living once again. I am not sure where I will be going, but with money in hand it will happen for sure. I am still waiting for the money to finally be released from its captivity here in the state of AZ. It will happen soon and a new location will be available for me.

This is my current status as I move into a relocation and Universe Transition Time. As always I will update my status right here on my blog. I am always available for you to schedule a Universe Family Healing session. I have recently inserted a PayPal button above. Contact me if interested by email.